Brit Hume Stepping Down as Fox Anchor

NPR’s All Things Considered reports that Brit Hume plans to step down as an anchor at Fox. Wanting more free time is understandable, but one of the reasons he gives is unexpected:

…Hume says he’s lost his enthusiasm because of “this poisonous atmosphere in Washington over the last 14 or 15 years. … Sparks are what make news — there’s dissent and disagreement, intense feelings and so on, which all contribute to an untidy and at times ugly, but nonetheless newsworthy, atmosphere.”

Fox News is itself a home for all kinds of rancor. President-elect Barack Obama, for example, has publicly questioned how he’s been characterized by commentators on Fox. So I asked Hume whether Fox News bore any responsibility for the increasingly contentious nature of political discourse that he deplores.

“We’ve certainly been a forum, as everybody else has, for the arguments of the day,” Hume replied. “We are more a reflection of it, I think, than a cause.”

No Brit, Fox is a major cause of the poisonous atmosphere.

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  1. 1
    John Freeland says:

    Brit recently said he thought the United States as a whole was  “center-right.”  It has been and it might be again, but it’s not now.

    He’s also enjoyed a lot of access to the Bush 41 and Bush 43 White House. Those days are gone.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    These labels are all so imprecise that I don’t mind calling this a center-right nation–but only if we look at it from an international perspective. It could be said that the Democrats are center-right and the Republicans are extreme right.

    I didn’t want to say it in the post as it is speculative, but I did wonder if having a Democratic administration had any part in his decision.

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