Obama Wins Ohio and Probably the Election

CBS News and NBC News project Barack Obama will win Ohio. This makes it virtually impossible for John McCain to win.

NBC also is now calling New Mexico for Obama.

McCain is winning in the states where he had narrow leads such as Georgia, West Virginia, and North Dakota. Arizona and Indiana are still too close to call.

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    Mike Butcher says:

    I have equated this election to sitting in a car on the highway approaching a car accident.  Just wanting to get by and get on down the highway and the closer I get to the accident the worse it looks.  Now I am passed it and and can move on down the road.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    Here’s another analogy to sitting in a car. My daughter just read an item she found on line (as we both sit here with notebooks in front of us): Voting is like driving. If you want to go backwards choose R, if you want to go forwards choose D. (She’s adding this to her Facebook page as I add this to my blog.)

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