Obama Continues To Lead in Final Polls

Most of the final polls were in by the time of my round up yesterday, but there have been a handful of additional polls of interest released. Last week some Republicans cited the Zogby poll as evidence that the race is narrowing. The final Zogby/Reuters poll is out showing leads for Obama comparable to the other polls, with Obama leading 54 percent to 43 percent. This is in line with other polls I cited yesterday showing Obama receiving about 53 percent of the vote. There is very little difference in the national numbers, making it hard to believe that McCain could pull an upset.

Among state polls of interest, Public Policy Polling shows Obama still has a shot at sweeping the Big Ten region with Indiana too close to call. Obama leads in the final poll 49 percent ot 48 percent. They also show Obama leading in Nevada 51 percent to 47 percent. Survey USA shows Obama leading 50 percent to 47 percent in Florida. They are tied in North Carolina at 49 percent. Later today I’ll look further at the electoral map.

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