Barack Obama Elected 44th President of the United States

With the western states coming in, Barack Obama has been projected the winner.

More later, but for now there’s champaign to serve. Even some Republican neighbors expressed interest in this. Unity begins after the divisive years under George Bush.

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    Mike Butcher says:

    Congratulations to Pres. Elect Obama.  I pray that he leads wisely, and  even though I don’t believe in the long term his agenda is best for the citizenry of this country, I hope that I am wrong.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with him on everything, but governing wisely is a major reason why I supported him. I might not agree with him on everything, but he will govern wisely and based upon a reality-based view of the problems we face, in contrast to the current president.

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    Mike Butcher says:

    He is going to have some intense pressure by the members of his party to do many things that are contrary to the speech he just gave.  Speaking of freedom and opportunity and unity.  Those are not the basis for the issues of many of the coalition that has been assembled by the Democrats.  We will see great pressure to restrict the rights of workers to have a closed ballot when it comes to union issues.  We will see a great pressure to reverse many of the reforms in our tort system over the last 10 years, to the further detriment of those who are entrepreneurs.  We will see pressure to restrict freedom of speech on the radio, which even though I don’t listen too, I believe that any and all should have the freedom to say what they want on the radio without government intervention forcing their voice to reflect either one or other or both sides of an issue.   

    I fear for the independence and freedom of the individual when they become increasingly dependent on the Government for their income.   As Clarence Thomas writes in his biography about the time he asked his grandfather why he didn’t go on public assistance, his grandfather responded “Clarence, as a member of a group that has been treated shabbily by the majority in this country, why would you want to give the government more power over your personal life?… it takes away your manhood.”  

    The issue isn’t dollars and cents, taxes and rebates, it is freedom and independence.  I don’t care if you agree with me on every issue or any issue for that matter, but I do care if you become complacent in regards to individual freedom as a necessary cost to spreading prosperity.  The most valuable possession we have is our liberty.  That is the one thing that the government can’t give us, and the one thing it is most likely to take away.  I don’t believe Pres. Elect Obama is a fascist or communist dictator, nor do I believe he wants to be.  I just believe that dependence erodes liberty and the process is insidious.   If you believe I am a fear monger, you are correct.  I am afraid for the future of the citizens of the United States of America, and I am afraid not of foreign conquest but of internal loss of liberty.  

    Pres. Elect Obama is moving us in a direction that is down that road.  Perhaps it is a reasonable distance and perhaps it is just the first step down a slippery slope.   We will determine that in time.  I believe he has made it a more difficult job just by getting elected on the policies he has proposed.  I also believe that the Democratic party is beholden to groups whose personal agendas will make it even more difficult.   I encourage you to resist policies that restrict the freedoms we possess at every turn.  Do not be seduced by the leaders of your party to sacrifice those freedoms for any reason.   The Republicans have squandered an opportunity to be true champions of freedom and liberty because it seemed politically expedient at the time.  We saw how well that worked.   I fear the Democrats will do the same.   

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    Ron Chusid says:

    I see it almost directly opposite to how you do, supporting Obama in order to increase independence and freedom of the individual from the policies of the authoritarian right.

    Obama is far more likely to get government off our backs as opposed to talking about it and then doing the opposite as the Republicans have.

    I see Obama as being likely to help restore the free market system after years of the Republicans working to destroy it (even if their rhetoric claims the opposite). With Obama we have someone who believes in a bottom-up approach, and less dependence on government, as opposed to the top-down approach of the Republicans (as well as the Hillary Clinton/Nanny State wing of the Democratic Party).

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    Mike Butcher says:

    The “policies of the authoritarian right” are not true conservative policies.  I have frequently stated that there are few conservatives in Washington DC.  We just have Liberals with different agendas that believe they have the right answer and need to direct the others to live in a manner that the “enlightened ones” deem appropriate.  The Republicans have sold their soul for power by building a coalition with such as these.  The Democrats have done the same.  Pres. Elect Obama may not have accepted campaign funds from some of these organizations but that is not true for the Democratic Party.  The trial lawyers, organized labor, and big environmentalism are 3 such organizations.  These will expect to extract their pound of flesh now that the election is over.  To ignore this is at your own peril.  Organized labor may tell you they are for the worker, but they want to deny the individual worker the right to vote in a closed ballot for union issues.  This is not a theoretical concern.  This is a bill already that was already introduced by the Democrats this last year.  

    The trial lawyers already have plans to reverse reasonable protections that have been hard won over the last 10 years.  I am not one who wants abolition of our tort system, but I do believe it is unbalanced and has the ability to bankrupt individuals or companies that happen to be temporally connected to an issue even if they are at no fault.  Just one example is the Silicon Breast implant liability cases.  Over time studies directed to evaluate the safety of those implants revealed they had essentially no cause and effect relationship with the maladies that they were accused of and yet 5 companies were bankrupted based purely on innuendo a rush to judgement by the tort system.  The trial lawyers have been the greatest donators, as a single group, of funds to the Democratic party.  Believe me.  They didn’t do that because they want Pres. Obama to raise their taxes.   I caution you to watch your leaders.  They will sell you down the river for a campaign donation.  They already have.  It isn’t just the Republicans who know how to play the game.  Why do you think the Democrats reversed every reform they passed when they got elected this last time.  As soon as your back was turned they reversed every one of them.  

    Further, you misunderstand my concern about dependence on the Government.  It isn’t the pernicious designs of the Government that I worry about.  It is the human flaw of the individual becoming dependent that is the greatest concern.  It isn’t the weak of mind, or weak of constitution that has this problem it is all of us.  One and all.   When any individual or organization controls enough of your income he or it will control you.  

    Finally in what way is Pres. Obama proposing to have a bottom up approach that is less dependent on the government when he is using the government to distribute income.  Those two ideas are contradictory.  I can accept an argument in that regard for education and even health care.   To espouse that he is promoting independence by giving a $1000 rebate is absurd.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    See the multiple posts here on libertarian support for Obama and the left-libertarian nature of his views.

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