Flint Cracks Down on Sagging Pants

Between their high crime rate and terrible economy, you would think the people of Flint, Michigan would have more important things to worry about than to crack down on sagging pants.

Flint residents now have to watch their butts because Police Chief David Dicks is on the lookout.

Dicks, who took over the department last month on an interim basis, announced that his officers would start arresting people wearing saggy pants that expose skivvies, boxer shorts or bare bottoms.

“Some people call it a fad,” Dicks told the Free Press this week while patrolling the streets of Flint. “But I believe it’s a national nuisance. It is indecent and thus it is indecent exposure, which has been on the books for years.”

On June 27, the chief issued a departmental memorandum telling officers: “This immoral self expression goes beyond freedom of expression.”

The crime, he says, is disorderly conduct or indecent exposure, both misdemeanors punishable by 93 days to a year in jail and/or fines up to $500.

Reason notes that such laws have become a new trend.

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  1. 1
    Mike Wise says:

    Seems like to me that everyone in that town needs to go up to the court house and protest and have his a “recall” on his position in the police force. While in there skivvies. So where does this lead to?  Women who wear two-piece bathing suits are in a direct vilolation of this ordance?

    I thought Indecent exposure was?

    Indecent exposure:  A crime to purposefully display one’s genitals in public, causing others to be alarmed or offended. Indecent exposure is often committed for the sexual gratification of the offender, and may reach the level of a sexual assault if any physical contact is made.

    I see no indecent exposure, just the personal offense of the chief, based on his oppnion.

    So old laws are still in effect there?
    If that is the case Only white males can be president, Women cant vote, Women cant be president, noone Can spit on the sidewalk, can’t do this….. cant do that………

    He don’t purchace the clothing, so what justification does he have to put into a enforcement an “old” law that can be changed.  Just like the old laws prohibiting the racial, sexual and ect… have been changed for the american people.

    But overall I do understand it is the mentality that todays children are getting the wrong immpresion and then getting labled by society. So due to the shallow minded people who dont think outside the box, everyone has to suffer until the “recall” is in full effect.

    I read somewhere your allowed to overturn your govenment if they are not upholding the views of the people.

  2. 2
    son of flint says:

    flint is the most moved out of city in america.  voted the worst place to live by forbes.  the children have nothing to look toward.  if they go to college, they usually don’t come back because of the lack of opportunities.  if you think i’m exagerating, do research.  i don’t have the time to blog about it.  ex. roger and me, micheal moore.  alot of white people are buying property in the worst neighborhoods in one of the worst cities to live in in america.  they’re building up around it.  gentrification. they are targeting youth at an alarming rate.  this is just as bad as different sentencing for cocaine and crack.  very blatant.  how can one not see.  david dicks was an interim.  getting national exposure and giving the perception that flint is ‘cracking down’ on crime is political.  i moved out of the city.  my family is still there.  i love the city.  so many memories.  but i’m afraid some scary things are taking place behind the scenes.  i’m no conspiracy theorist.  just an observer.
    truth and total justice.

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