A Conservative Attack on the Discovery Institute

Blogging is a useful means of posting one’s views, allowing for brief comments from those of us who must fit it into a very busy schedule which makes it difficult to write in longer formats. One problem with this is that we must often use generalities and blog posts don’t lend themselves to all the qualifications which should be made when writing. That means in general I write of conservatives as being on the wrong side with regards to a number of topics I often write about here, such as the religious right and the attempts to teach creationism in the schools. To make amends for that oversimplification I do try to periodically provide counter examples to demonstrate that sometimes conservatives do get it right.

I’ve previously quoted John Derbyshire’s criticism of the creationist movie, Expelled. Today he rips apart the Discovery Institute. He notes how the Discovery Institute encourages the teaching of creationism in places such as Dover, but skips town when it comes time to pay the legal bills:

Where will the Discovery Institute be when these legal expenses come due? Just where they were in the Dover case — nowhere! What, you were thinking that those bold warriors for truth at the Discovery Institute will help to fund the defense in these no-hope lawsuits? Ha ha ha ha ha!

Helping to defend creationist school boards in federal courts is not the Discovery Institute’s game. Their game is to (a) make money from those spurious “textbooks” they put out, and (b) keep creationism in the news so that they don’t run out of lecture gigs and wealthy funders. So far as those legal bills are concerned, Discovery Institute policy is: Let the dumb rubes fund their own stupid lawsuits.

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