Clinton Camp Blames Obama For Kennedy Flap

With Saturday Night Live off for the summer I regretted not being able to see Amy Poehler parody Hillary Clinton’s latest gaffe as she parodied her electability arguments last week. There’s no doubt that Clinton’s comments on the assassination of Robert Kennedy would have been her major target. Fortunately for those of us who expect humor over the weekend, the Clinton campaign has now become fully self-parodying. In a statement which ranks high among so many absurd arguments coming from the Clinton camp, Terry McAuliffe has actually blamed Barack Obama for this incident. Once again they show why we do not want this freak show back in the White House.

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    David Drissel says:

    Thanks for the post. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Senator Hillary Clinton’s unfortunate remarks last week alluding to the assassination of Bobby Kennedy in 1968.  She seemed to be implying that she was remaining in the Democratic race just in case someone – presumably Barrack Obama – gets assassinated this summer.  I’ve got to say that these remarks were really over the top and incredibly offensive.  What’s worse is that she later offered only a tepid half-apology for her remarks to the Kennedy family, but failed to mention the damage that such remarks might have on this election (including Senator Obama).   What is wrong with Hillary anyway?  Is she so detached from the reality of possible assassination attempts on Obama or even on her own life that she would allude to such a disturbing scenario? Is she really so incredibly clueless about the potential danger in making such references in normal political discourse? Hasn’t she heard about the numerous comparisons that have been made between Obama and Bobby Kennedy? In making such remarks, Hillary and her campaign have really reached a new low that is very disturbing. 

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