Girl in Red Phone Ad Wants Obama to Answer Phone

When Hillary Clinton’s campaign had the “red phone” ad made, stock footage from eight years ago of two girls in bed was used. The girls are now older, and have a definite preference as to who should answer that 3 a.m. phone call:

The first girl in the ad is young Casey Knowles. It’s stock footage from eight years ago when she worked as a TV extra – footage owned now by Getty Images and used by the Clinton campaign.

But they couldn’t have picked a more unwilling star.

“It’s really sort of ironic that my image would be used to advocate for Hillary when I myself do not,” said Casey.

She may only be 17, but Casey has some very strong political opinions. She turns 18 – legal voting age – in April, in plenty of time before the general election.

“It’s perfect timing because I have a candidate that I really identify with,” she said.

“I’ve been campaigning for Barack Obama for a few months now,” she said. “I was actually a precinct captain at the caucuses a few months ago. I attended his rally a few months ago and I’m a very, very avid supporter.”

The Knowles family admit they have no control over how the footage is used. And while they see the humor of it all, they are mildly annoyed.

“I think it would be really wonderful if me and Barack Obama could get together and make a nice counter ad,” she laughed.

On Saturday, the Obama campaign released this statement: “The Obama campaign appreciates her support and all of her efforts on behalf of our campaign for change.”

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  1. 1
    Julia says:

    who else thinks this hilarious coincidence is just about the most fabulous thing they’ve ever heard. “Getting you comeuppance”, “good things happen to good people”, “what goes around comes around”, and “you reap what you sew” are just a few sayings that come to mind. although i think in this particular instance im gunna stick with “karma is a bitch”…ROCK ON OBAMA!!

  2. 2
    Julia says:

    p.s. bonus points to her campaign crew for there excellent background research. seriously, someone dropped the ball big time on this one–bummer… ha

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