Obama Wins Huge Victory in Wisconsin


Obama has now win nine in a row, and it will be hard for Clinton to say that this one doesn’t count. Obama won with a double digit margin in Wisconsin, a state where, if we looked at the demographics, Clinton should have been competitive. The video of Obama’s victory speech is above.

The exit polls showed that Obama is now challenging Clinton among her core voters. Clinton barely beat Obama among women. As usual, Obama was well ahead among the more educated voters, but also beat Clinton 52% to 47% among less well educated whites. Clinton was also only able to tie Obama among voters with incomes under $50,000 per year. Obama won the support of 60% of independents while he tied Clinton among Democrats.

Clinton needed an upset badly if she had any hopes of stopping Obama’s momentum. Having lost her core voters in Wisconsin, she is now in danger of doing the same in Ohio and Texas. Recent polls in Texas have already shown Obama erasing his deficit with Clinton, and now the gap is decreasing in Ohio.  A SurveyUSA Poll shows that Clinton’s lead of seventeen points a week ago has greatly diminished. Clinton now leads by only nine points, 52% to 43%.  If these trends continue Obama might even win the state. If not, it is unlikely that Clinton can win by enough to significantly reduce Obama’s lead in delegates.

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