Clinton’s Role in Plagiarism Charges Exposed by Media

Ever since Clinton found that she was being seriously challenged by Barack Obama we have seen a steady stream of dishonest attacks as the Clinton campaign decided they would say or do anything to attempt to win. After falsely accusing Obama of plagiarism, the Clinton tried to claim that it was reporters and not their campaign which was raising the charge. AP has debunked this latest lie out of the Clinton campaign:

Hillary Rodham Clinton says reporters, not her campaign, uncovered evidence of Democratic rival Barack Obama sharing speech lines with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

She made the claim Tuesday despite the fact her campaign posted video clips on YouTube illustrating similarities in the speeches and has suggested in several instances that the shared lines amount to plagiarism.

In debunking Clinton’s claims, AP also says that, “Any suggestion that the story had a life of its own, apart from the Clinton campaign, is disingenuous.”

Clinton has based her campaign utilizing Rove-style attacks. This was the worst possible strategy to use against a candidate who is being supported largely due to promising change from precisely this type of politics.

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    PD1981 says:

    Oh for goodness sake! If you are going to engage in a campaign of smears and distortions about your opponent’s record, at least have the courage and decency to own up to it and not run, hide and blame others in the subsequent aftermath. Hillary is basing her campaign on the Rovian/Nixon playbook and that to me makes her all the more despicable. To think that I once had respect for the Clintons -this campaign has shown them in their true colors

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