Obama Passes Clinton In Two Daily Tracking Polls


Obama has finally moved ahead of Clinton in today’s Gallup Tracking Poll. He leads 45% to 44%, which is still within the margin of error. The three day tracking poll will begin showing if there is a further bump for Obama following the results of the Potomac Primaries in tomorrow’s poll.

Obama also leads for the first time in the Rasmussen Tracking Poll, leading Clinton 46% to 41% with a three percent margin of error. This poll tracks over four days. In match ups against John McCain, Obama leads 46% to 40% while McCain leads Clinton 46% to 42%.

(Note that in this blog entry, as well as in the others with the Gallup Poll graphs, the graphic can be seen in a slightly larger and clearer form by clicking on it.)

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  1. 1
    Mauigirl says:

    Good news! Hopefully he will continue to win primaries so that there won’t be a fight at the convention.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    Yes, things will be much simpler, and better for the party, if Obama picks up so many delegates that enough super delegates endorse him this spring, ending the danger of divisive fights at the convention. If Obama is assured of winning, we also won’t have to worry about the Michigan and Florida delegations and a simple compromise, such as giving half the delegates to both Obama and Clinton, could quickly resolve that issue.

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