Woman of the Year


MSNBC’s David Shuster might be suspended for his inappropriate comments on Chelsea Clinton, but this is one story where he can say whatever he wants. Paris Hilton has been named Woman of the Year by the Harvard Lampoon, as reported by the Harvard Crimson:

Paris Hilton, who can claim to be a party-girl extraordinaire, world-class socialite, and reality TV star, can now add another credential to her resume—the first ever Harvard Lampoon “Woman of the Year”, a spoof on the Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ annual “Woman of the Year”.

“You know, I’m like a lot of you Harvard students, really,” she said in a short acceptance speech on the steps of the Lampoon castle. “You have a Lamont Library. We also have a Lamont Library, except it’s a club in LA where celebs go to dance on tables and get crazy.”

Paris might not have understood that it was a spoof, but she did work hard on her acceptance speech as seen in the video below:


Paris also had a special message for the guys at Harvard:


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