The Battle of Champions

Appalachian State, three time national champion in their division, will be facing BCS Champion LSU on August 30. The two were originally scheduled to play in 2009 but the game was moved up due to an opening in LSU’s schedule.

Appalachian State blocked a potentially game-winning field goal in the final seconds against fifth ranked Michigan to win 34-32 in one of the biggest upsets in college football history. (Michigan changed field goal kickers during the season.)

LSU previously beat Appalachian State 24-0 in 2005, but following their recent success several top teams have decided against playing them. Appalachian State does have future games scheduled against Florida (2010), Virginia Tech (2011) and Georgia (2013).

Considering how Michigan dominated Florida in the Capital One Bowl this year, perhaps Appalachian State can also pull an upset against Florida. I’ll be rooting for Appalachian State in each of these games, but I fear that LSU might be too much for them to handle.

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