Debates and Fund Raising

Hillary Clinton continues to attempt to avoiding looking desperate following Super Tuesday. Typically the challenger in a campaign wants to debate, especially when low on cash, while the front runner has less interest. Their roles are exchanged to some degree after Super Tuesday. Clinton wants to debate every week. So far Obama is saying he’ll debate two more times, one before the Ohio primary. Obama does far better at campaign events which bring in huge crowds, so there is little reason for him to debate and allow Clinton to appear like his equal. On her own, Clinton is receiving less and less attention.

Clinton is also trying to avoid appearing to be in too much financial difficulty. It’s amusing to see how some of the blogs backing Clinton are posting about how much money she is bringing in. She remains well behind Obama in money raised, plus Obama will be receiving even more from a fund raiser from MoveOn. At least it looks like Clinton is bringing in enough in contributions so that her staff won’t have to work without pay, at least for now.

One reader, who believes Obama and not Clinton is the real deal, reminds us that Hillary’s cash problems should have been predicted. She points us to this report from The New York Times about the bill she ran up while running for reelection to the Senate. I’ve often feared that the dishonest manner in which Clinton has been campaigning will be seen in the manner she governs should she be elected president. It looks like we should also fear she will over-spend our tax money in the same manner as she runs her campaigns. Looking at her economic proposals suggests this is a real fear.

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