Quote of the Day: The Tears Of The Anti-Feminist

“It’s time feminists realized that Clinton is a dream gone sour. If you believe in women in politics, in female leaders who lead by themselves, on their own merits, with no strings to pull and husband-presidents to rely on, do yourself a favor and vote for Obama.

“One day, there will be a woman worth electing to the White House. But not this one.”

Andrew Sullivan

The full post is well worth reading. It is unfortunate that so many woman voters are voting for Clinton solely because of her gender. They don’t care about the poor judgment she has shown throughout her career. They don’t care that she has run a Rove-style dishonest campaign, that she can lie with such ease, or that she has shown she will ignore principle for political expediency. They don’t care that her nomination will probably result in the election of a Republican in November.

A woman who is qualified to be president should not be denied the office because of her gender, but someone such as Hillary Clinton who is not fit for the position should not receive the votes of women just because she is female. People should vote for the best candidate, regardless of gender and regardless of race. We’ve just gone through seven years of a president who got the position due to the family he was in despite being unfit for the job. We should not repeat that mistake by continuing the Bush/Clinton dynasty.

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  1. 1
    Christopher says:

    The paleo-feminists have become Hillary’s worst enemies.

  2. 2
    Dee says:

    I strongly agree with your comments especially the one describing the pattern of poor judgment by Mrs./The Clintons. I would love nothing better in the political world than to vote for the first woman President and to have that woman be a Baby Boomer as I am. However, I must agree with you that this is not the woman for that job.

    As smart and politically savy as Mrs. Clinton is, she is blinded by her quest for power and self-aggrandizement. Otherwise she would have seen her negatives are inextricably emblazoned in the American memory, and that Senator Obama probably filled Collin Powell’s shoes in the minds of Americans beginning back in 2004 with Obama’s Democratic National party convention speech, John Edwards is probably the only candidate who could have unseated Senator Obama and we’d know that one way or the other today if not for
    Mrs. Edward’s ill-health. I do not like to bring up the past and not to harp on Bill Clinton’s years in the presidency, but these issues are called to mind by Mrs. Clinton when she believes to do so will lead to results she wishes. This means then that she has opened the door for me to explore what everyone woman knows and most men, too — she had responsibility in her marital issues that fanned out into the public and political arenas — the ones that cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. She has taken no steps to address this responsibility. And, based on her behavior today as she attacks Obama, rather than facing the music and the handwriting on the wall in her unwillingness to concede — I can only believe she is flawed by her inability to admit to errors and mistakes; therefore, she is a “right-fighter.” I for one have had enough of right-fighters in the White House. Haven’t you, too?

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