The Battle over Michigan

There’s a big battle going on over Michigan today. I’m not speaking of the primary. I’ll get to that later as time permits. The real battle is an attack on the University of Michigan by PZ Myers, who is finding that attacking the honor of Michigan results in as many comments as a post criticizing Ron Paul (without the name calling, racism, conspiracy theories, and other irrationality.)

Myers is picking on Michigan based upon the beliefs of a small number:

Engineering senior Israel Vicars didn’t think it was a coincidence when he walked by a drunken girl who had fallen over in a parking lot and desperately needed help. Vicars attributes his ability to safely return the girl to her residence hall to the power of united prayer. Fostering that united prayer is what the campus program 40 Days of Prayer is all about.

Like finding a drunken girl in a parking lot is anything all that remarkable in a college town. Besides, if there was really any remarkable power of united prayer in Ann Arbor other prayers would have worked. For example, if prayer worked in Ann Arbor, Hart and Henne would have stayed healthy all season.

True blue blogger Shelly Batts (and a Neuroscience PhD candidate at Michigan) has stepped up to defend our honor, but my argument above is challenged in the comments. Apparently there is circumstantial evidence that an omnipotent, omniscient being which created the entire universe also spends his time intervening in college sporting events. I guess Notre Dame fans could have told us this all along. I wonder what Notre Dame did to piss him off so much this football season.

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