BBC Debunks Global Warming Deniers

Anyone who has paid any attention to the actual scientific literature realizes that the claims of controversy over global warming is more an invention of the right wing than a real scientific controversy. The BBC took a look at global warming skeptics and compiled a list of the top ten arguments which they make against climate change. Counter arguments are then given to debunk their claims.

The BBC has followed up on these arguments with additional articles. These include a look at the IPCC, a response to claims of bias among scientists against opposing views on climate change, and further debunking of the claim that global warming is caused by the sun as opposed to human activities.

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  1. 1
    yucca says:

    with all due respect for the bbc and for a whorty cause (that is, debunkin the deniers), that little table wouldn’t convince anybody…

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    No, it won’t convince the deniers, but is is a worthwhile reference, especially when accompanied the more detailed articles they are putting out

  3. 3
    Missy says:

    Don’t mean to rain on your parade, but for every article you find supporting global warming you’ll find one denying it. I tend to believe the experts at ICECAP when it comes to this issue.

  4. 4
    Ron Chusid says:

    You might find an article denying global warming for every article supporting it, but there is a tremendous difference between the scientific articles supporting it and the politically motivated articles denying it.

    Calling the writers at ICECAP experts is rather a stretch.

  5. 5
    Richard Ray says:

    Missy said: “Don’t mean to rain on your parade, but for every article you find supporting global warming you’ll find one denying it. I tend to believe the experts at ICECAP when it comes to this issue. ”

    Yes, and they all come from the same handful of discredited political hacks. Don’t point at strident articles denying the obvious, point at the considered, published, reviewed and fully supported science. Do the math on who says what, where and how; climate change denial is political, climate change concern is science.

  6. 6
    The Charters Of Dreams says:

    I just took a look at just one of the “debate is over” points from Climate skepticism: The top 10: CLIMATE IS MAINLY INFLUENCED BY THE SUN.

    Thank God the sun isn’t involved! I have to actively defend myself against skin cancer and winkles every day — I don’t need to lose sleep over the planet’s health too.

    However, I just heard this the other day: “Cosmic rays may have a substantial influence on Earth’s climate.”

    Now — and remember, we know the debate on this point is over (the BBC News says so) — what sort of idiot, moron, dark ages lunatic could possible make such a claim in this enlightened day and age where there everything is certain and uncertainty and questions are just masked conspiracy?

    I don’t know who these guys are — some nuts at a place called CERN. I looked them up in Sourcewatch, but I couldn’t find out a thing about them, but obviously they’re a bunch of nut cases who just don’t get out much or read BBC news. As far as I can tell, here’s there crazy idea:

    The idea that changes in the Sun’s activity can influence Earth’s climate is a long-standing one. But the problem with such links was that the changes in the Sun’s overall energy output seemed much too small to account for the change in the climate. The cosmic-ray hypothesis provided a way around that problem. It was not, the Danes argued, a change in the Sun’s output of photons that so affected Earth, it was a change in the way the stream of particles ejected from the Sun, the solar wind, interacted with Earth’s magnetic field.

    Geez! These clowns call themselves scientists?! Modifying an existing theory (i.e., the Sun’s influence on climate) with a new factor, a new variable? Boy — these skeptics and deniers just don’t get it!

    (CERN experiment looks at cosmic rays, clouds and climate)

  7. 7
    Ron Chusid says:

    When the BBC says that the debate is over, they mean among scientists who actually study this, not among right wingers who choose to ignore the science.

    You don’t impress anyone by your twisting of statements and then attacking straw men. Nobody said that the sun isn’t involved or that you don’t have to protect yourself against skin cancer. Actually the opposite is true as the risk of skin cancer will increase.

    The sun, as well as cosmic rays, are all considerations but they don’t explain the current problems of global warming. Cosmic rays have been considered in the past, such as here.

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