Rudy Giuliani, Warmonger on Foreign Policy, Warmonger on Drugs

Those who have been following the debates in the comments here have probably seen the disagreements between Eric Dondero, of Libertarians for Giuliani, and other libertarians who agree more with my view of Giuliani as an authoritarian warmonger. Eric’s early comments here made it irresistible stress his rather unorthodox views labeled as libertarian. Eric would inevitably respond with a list of the positions where he is libertarian, including on drugs.

Eric and I disagree over the Iraq War, with Eric backing Giuliani’s views. Opposition to the war on drugs may be one area where Eric and I do agree, but I’m not sure if Eric realizes how Giuliani is as much a warmonger on drugs as he is on foreign policy. Campaigning in Iowa, Giuliani backed escalating the war on drugs:

Giuliani met privately with law enforcement officials who run anti-drug programs, and he told about 300 people at the town hall meeting that it was essential to expand the nation’s anti-drug effort. He said no other presidential candidates has his experience fighting drugs.

“It’s something I understand really well,” said Giuliani, noting his experience as a prosecutor and mayor of New York City. “I’ve been doing this kind of work longer than I’ve been in politics.”

Libertarians for Giuliani? That sounds like quite an oxymoron.

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  1. 1
    Eric Dondero says:

    And Giuliani was called a “libertarian” by the presigious Wall Street Journal 3 weeks ago. Further, a month ago the Washington Post had a headline story, “Giuliani’s Libertarian Health Care Reform.”

    And Giuliani just appointed hardcore movement Libertarian Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Inst. as his Health Care Policy Advisor.

    And Giuliani has Steve Forbes, the very guy who campaigned for Ron Paul for Congress in 1996, stumping for him all across Iowa.

    And don’t forget this great blast from the past. NY Times, 1999:

    “Rudy Giuliani isn’t really a Republican… He’s actually an extremist privatizing government cutting Ayn Randian.”

  2. 2
    Liberal Journal says:

    Rudy supporters say he’ll turn America around like he turned NYC around. But he didn’t do it by trusting individuals to make their own choices. If he carries over his tactics to the presidency, we’ll be seeing a lot more Homeland Security around.

  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:


    Libertarian is used a lot of different ways, and many journalists have no idea what libertarianism really is.

    Giuliani supports more government and less freedom and is one of the most authoritarian of the candidates running. Real libertarians realize he is not one of their own. Finding a few people who say otherwise in error does not change that.

    Both his support for the war in Iraq and his support for the drug war demonstrate that he is no libertarian.

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