Liberal Values First Birthday

The Liberal Values blog is one year old today. Apparently we also share a birthday with Instapundet, which at six years, is ancient in the blogosphere. Liberal Values is tiny compared to Instapundet, but it hasn’t done too badly for a part time solo blog buildt up over only one year. We’ve broken 4000 subscribers to the RSS feed, a Technorati Authority of over 500, and have steadily increased in readers. At this rate, it won’t take me much longer to get the total visits here since the start of the blog up to Instapundet’s average number of visits in just one day. My advice to new bloggers: don’t look at the site meters from the huge blogs.

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  1. 1
    Libby says:

    Happy Blogiversary Ron and many happy returns.

  2. 2
    jimmy says:

    Congratulations Ron!!!

    That really took guts to walk out on Demcratic Daily in protest over their anti-semitism. Man, you sure got out in the nick of time now that they are heavily into astrology and talking about shooting people they disagree with.

    I almost asked you if it hurt you to leave an established blog and go off on your own, but I see you are doing much better than your old blog!

  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:

    Thanks Libby and Jimmy.

    Jimmy, actually I think it helped to establish my own blog as it allows for a more distinct unitary voice for the blog which is a little different from those thousands of other liberal blogs around.

    Liberal Values allows me to get much more into other areas of interest than I could at The Democratic Daily, such as debunking frauds like Chopra as well as astrologists along with creationists and global warming deniers. Plus I prefer not having an offical party affiliation right in the blog name considering that I think part of blogging is telling it how it is–including criticizing members of both parties when they deserve it. From time to time I’ve even had some favorable things to say about Republicans, but unfortunately they don’t give me that much opportunity to do so. Beyond that, I think we’ve exhausted the talk about the problems at The Democratic Daily which led me to leave in other posts.

  4. 4
    Brett says:

    Congratulations, Ron. Nearly 2000 individual posts in one year. A great accomplishment. You have managed to create a popular and comprehensive political blog, all in just one year. Keep it up.

  5. 5
    janet says:

    Congratulations, Dr. Ron. Happy Birthday. Although I do not agree with you about John Edwards, I do agree with you more often than not.

    Thank you for being a defender of science.

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