Stop Those Tax and Spend Liberals

The Club for Growth (which fails to recognize how sometimes government-financed infrastructure contributes to business growth) is going after a tax and spend liberal from Arkansas. No, it’s not a Clinton but Mike Huckabee. Here’s the text of an attack ad being aired in Iowa:

Announcer: There once was a governor from Hope, Arkansas, who raised taxes like there was no tomorrow.

Higher sales taxes, gas taxes, grocery taxes, even higher taxes on nursing home beds.

Raised spending by 50 percent too.

Who is that liberal tax and spend Arkansas Governor?

Bill Clinton? No. It’s Mike Huckabee.

He even wants to tax the Internet too.

Tell Mike Huckabee to give lower taxes a try.

The word liberal has been used in many ways, but by no stretch of an imagination would Huckabee meet any reasonable definition of liberal. This would make Mike Huckabee the only “liberal” I know of beyond Deepak Chopra who doesn’t believe in evolution.

I don’t know the situation in Arkansas, but based upon past experience with groups like this I bet that there is some creative mathematics going on to reach the figure of a 50 percent increase in spending. Considering all I pay in taxes, for the most part I’d prefer to see tax cuts whenever possible. I’d also prefer to spend the day at the pool reading instead of working, and eat chocolate for three meals a day. In the real world we cannot always have things as we want. Nationwide, tax cuts do not make sense when we are at war. Tax increases may or may not have been necessary in Arkansas, and without such specifics it is nonsense to attack Huckabee based simply on the fact that he raised taxes.

The most amazing thing of all about this ad is that they even feel it is necessary to spend the money to attack Huckabee.

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