Carl Bernstein Attacks Clinton To The Excitement of Conservatives

Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame has written a biography which is being reported as being critical of Hillary Clinton:

Drawing on a trove of private papers from Hillary Clinton’s best friend, the legendary Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein is to publish a hard-hitting and intimate portrait of the 2008 presidential candidate, which will reveal a number of “discrepancies” in her official story.

Bernstein, who was played by Dustin Hoffman in the film All the President’s Men, has spent eight years researching the unauthorised 640-page biography, A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Bernstein reaches conclusions that stand in opposition to what Senator Clinton has said in the past and has written in the past,” said Paul Bogaards, a spokesman for Knopf, which publishes the book on June 19.

With the thoroughness for which he is famous, Bernstein spoke to more than 200 of Clinton’s friends, colleagues and adversaries. He stops short of accusing the New York senator of blatantly lying about her past, but has unearthed examples of where she has played fast and loose with the facts about her “personal and political life”, according to Knopf.

The book could revive the explosive charge, made earlier this year by David Geffen, a former Clinton donor and Hollywood mogul, that “the Clintons lie with such ease, it’s troubling”.

Carl Bernstein is doing the Democrats a favor in releasing this now, while Democrats still have a chance to reconsider whether they really want Hillary Clinton heading their party. It is far better for this to come out while there is still a chance to chose a better candidate.
As Ed Morrissey notes, having such a book come from Carl Bernstein, and not Regency Press, will make it difficult for Hillary to blame this one on the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

I sure can’t blame the conservatives for being excited by this news, but the excitement might have knocked a few screws loose in John Hawkins. He comments on his story with a theory as absurd as his his recent list of the differences between liberals and conservatives which I recently responded to.

Hawkins believes that all the “scandalous claims” about George Bush “were accepted as conventional wisdom, not because they’re true…but because they were repeated over and over again without being refuted.” He claims that George Bush never fought back, and the conventional wisdom about George Bush represents  “a case study that shows you why nice guys finish last in politics.” I’m not surprised that a conservative writer such as this is oblivious to Bush’s record and actions which caused him to be repudiated by the bulk of the country, but could anyone really be so oblivious to the operations of the Bush White House to claim they did not fight back. Bush has run a dishonest, excessively partisan White House on the level of Richard Nixon’s, which has fought both hard and dirty in attacking their enemies and presenting a false view of George Bush. At least, while they failed to convince the bulk of the country, they sure have conned John Hawkins.


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    Sheldon says:

    In addition to Bernstein’s book, there is also my own book, “Hillary Clinton Nude: Naked Ambition, Hillary Clinton And America’s Demise,” which offers a non-partisan case against a second Clinton presidency.

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    Team Slanderyou says:

    There is an Australian conservative commentator (of sorts) that warrants this sort of attention – see

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