Imagine A President Who Could Write Books

James Boyce imagines if we had a President who not only reads books but could actually write one:

John and Teresa Kerry have written a book on the environment with words and everything. And it’s a really good book called “This Moment On Earth” and showcases their passion for the environment and also includes stories from people across the country who are helping save our planet.

It got me thinking.

Do you think George Bush has read any books lately? Do you think he has perhaps started reading newspapers?

And you know how ex-Presidents usually get huge advances to write their memoirs? Will George Bush get a book deal you think? How? Not only is he obviously incapable of writing, co-writing or even having someone else ghost-write a book, if he doesn’t read any books, who will proofread the manuscript? Cheney? Laura?


Anyway, there are two things I really like about “This Moment On Earth.” One is that, John Kerry really truly does keep forging ahead unlike any other person I know – he has taken his lumps, but he keeps fighting. Second, is that this is really good book (#1 non fiction and #12 overall right now over at Amazon) and it’s by, about, and most importantly for the environment.

If ability to write was the major criteria for picking a candidate, assuming things don’t change enough for John Kerry to get back into the race, this would give Barack Obama an edge. Kerry obviously saw something in Obama when he asked him to present the keynote address at the 2004 convention, although I bet he didn’t see Obama running for President this soon after getting into the Senate.

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    battlebob says:

    I will settle for a President that READS books first.
    At least read books more challenging then “My Pet Goat”.

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