Tom DeLay Enters “The Coulter Zone”

Is Tom DeLay now joining Alberto Gonzales in The Coulter Zone where not even conservatives like their own? Four board members of the American Conservative Union quit when DeLay was made a member:

As Tom DeLay pursues a return to the public stage, he’s meeting resistance from an unexpected source: conservatives who say that he betrayed the movement as a congressional leader.

Four board members of the American Conservative Union, one of the oldest and best established voices of the conservative movement, resigned recently when DeLay was brought onto the board.

DeLay’s roles in ramping up government spending and establishing a system of raising money through close dealings with lobbyists were cited by resigning members as their motive for moving on.

“He was part of a congressional leadership that oversaw a massive expansion of the government, which conservatives opposed,” said Robert Luddy, a North Carolina businessman among the board members who resigned. “It is one thing to call yourself a conservative, but you have to act on it.”

The sentiment was echoed by political strategist Marc Rotterman, another board defector.

“Conservatives looked to Tom DeLay to cut government not grow it. He was complicit in the largest expansion of government in recent times.”

“Largest expansion of government in recent times.” Remember that when conservative cry about “tax and spend” liberals. If you want a balanced budget, you need a Bill Clinton, not a George Bush or Tom Delay in power. Not only are the Republicans responsible for big government, but they bring with them big government of the worst type. We will probably always live with big government, but I’d prefer a big government which addressed problems such as health care and energy independence as opposed to Republican big government which fights unnecessary wars and is more intrusive in individual’s lives.

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