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The best political ad of the season isn’t on television and (as far as we know) isn’t even by a professional. Nobody knows who came up with this variation on the classic Apple ad to attack Hillary Clinton. The ad ends with “BarackObama.com” but the San Francisco Examiner reports that Obama’s campaign denies involvement. More likely the attack on Hillary came from either a supporter unaffiliated with the campaign, or from someone who wanted to both “call Hillary Clinton a pabulum-spewing pseudo-fascist” and possibly also create headaches for Obama’s campaign.

Regardless of who made this, it sure does sum up the feelings of many about Hillary Clinton as compared to Obama’s new look. In 2004 the Swift Boat Liars placed an ad on a small number of television stations knowing that the right wing noise machine, and later the mainstream media, would show the ad to millions, giving them a tremendous amount of publicity at a minimal cost. Now it isn’t even necessary to pay to put the ad up anywhere. Anybody with a computer and a powerful enough message can get publicity just by posting to You Tube.


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    janet says:

    Wasn’t this something? Very powerful. I have still been analyzing my feelings about Hillary. My daughter and I were talking about her. Actually, my respect for her would be sky high if she had broken up with Bill because of his dalliances. I would be impressed if the divorce was amicable with both parties admitting they could not live with one another. But then, she could have his full support of her candidacy.

    The idea that she kept her marriage for political purposes bothers me. It is dishonest and a sham.

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    janet says:

    I know I am being very judgemental–just trying to figure out what it is about Hillary……..!

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    Ron Chusid says:

    I don’t have much trouble figuring out what I don’t like about Hillary. Her health care plan. Her initial support for the war. Her pandering to the right wing on social issues.

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    janet says:

    ok, that, too!

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    battlebob says:

    I agree with you and that is why I refuse to support her.
    If the choice is a Repub or Repub-lite…I’ll take the Repub.
    Except for Huckabee, they are all Neandrathals and I don’t like his views on gay-rights and abortions.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    Huckabee does have a way of sounding less Neanderthal despite being on the wrong side of many issues. I just heard a part of his interview on Talk of the Nation today while driving and, as he often does, he at least managed to sound reasonable even where I disagreed with him. (Again, I only heard a small part, so hopefully people won’t start hitting me with a bunch of off the wall quotes that I’m unaware of from the interview.)

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    Nick says:

    Huckabee is probably the most Reaganesque candidate running for the GOP. Not only ideologically, but also stylistically. I’ve seen him in a few interviews (most notably on MTP) and he has that ability Reagan had to come across as conservative yes, but at the same time sounds oh-so-reasonable.
    But Nick, he raised taxes as governor of Arkansas?
    Well yeah, but so did the Gipper as governor of California. the GOP has shown it can get past having a tax increase in your resume.

    I’ll be posting more about Huckabee in more detail later. In the meantime I’ll leave with this:
    Those who write Huckabee off as jut another hick governor who lost a lot of weight are making the same mistake a previous generation of Democrats made who wrote off Ronald Reagan as just a B movie actor-YEs he was a B movie actor, but as history would show, that’s not all he was!

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    battlebob says:

    I heard Huckabee on CSPAN Sunday night on a repeat of “exchange”(New Hampshire show).
    He tries to show he is pragmatic on a lot of issues. He tries to show he is not a slave to ideology.
    I do not like his view on abortion but he acknowledges life continues after conception; which is a rarity for Republicans who generally act as if life begins at conception and after that the fetus is on its own. He wants health care for all. He admitted to being against gay marriages but is couching it in as “being for traditional marriage.”
    I am not familiar with his view on Iraq.

    My beef with Hillary is she seems to lack strong opinions on anything. Sure, many things can be triangulated. For instance, should the maximum agriculture subsidy be 150k or 200k? There is room to split the difference, as most folks will not care.
    However, you cannot triangulate the war. There is no position that is without risk. To answer “whatever” which is her way of saying “capping current troop levels” is cowardly.
    She has sold out to money groups (her view on visiting nurses went from support when bubba was president to against now).
    Here voting record is generally Democratic except she did not vote on the bankruptcy law.

    She may not have a lot fo flaws. She may be the candidate for mediocrity.
    After eight years of having the Constitution and Bill of Rights reduced to scaps of paper, we need a candidate with some heat.
    Hillary ain’t it. Obama is luke warm at best.
    Come on Big Al, the prize is yours for the taking.

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