Pessismism Growing Among Iraqis

Conservatives got excited yesterday about one poll which appeared to show progress in Iraq, even though it was contradicted by other reports discussed yesterday. Another poll conducted by ABC News, the BBC, USA Today, and a German television netowrk provides different findings.

Less than 40% of those polled said things were good in their lives, compared to 71% two years ago. Only 18% said they had confidence in US and coalition troops, and 51% said they thought attacks on coalition forces were justified. Fifty-three percent ave a close friend or relative who’s been hurt or killed in the current violence. That ranges from 30% in the Kurdish provinces to almost 80% in Baghdad. One in six says someone in their own household has been harmed. Eighty-six percent worry about a loved one being hurt. Many report limiting their daily activities to minimize risk. Seven in 10 report multiple signs of traumatic stress.

Far more Iraqis blame the United States or George Bush than blame groups such as al Qaeda for the deteroriation–hardly what is necessary to win the battle for hearts and minds. Less than thirty percent believe adding more troops will help.

Yesterday many conservatives were claiming that poll findings justified the decision to go to war. Basing such arguments upon polls is dangerous as such findings can change quickly, and are often contradicted by more comprehensive studies. I bet today’s polling won’t attract as much attention in the conservative blogosphere–unless they come up with arguments to claim that this is untrue as they usually due when confronted with the fact that reality is typically biased against them.

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