Breaking News: Obama is Imperfect

The Somerville News is breaking a new scandal involving Barack Obama. Obama had seventeen unpaid parking tickets from his student days at Harvard. His staff paid off the tickets and fines two weeks before he announced his candidacy.

Human Events finds this to represent a lack of character. Hot Air is less concerned:

I also question the sanity of people who think this is newsworthy. Is this dude really so squeaky clean, to borrow a Biden-ism, that this qualifies as “dirt”? “Obama parks on expired meters” is not the stuff of which winning attacks are made, my friends, unless those meters are located next to a Wahhabist madrassa.

Meanwhile bulletin boards and blogs are becoming full of comments from people admitting to the number of unpaid parking tickets they accumulated during grad school. The whole moral fabric of the nation is unraveling. No word as to whether a special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate ticketgate.

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