Conservatives Even Willing To Oppose Capitalism To Further Smears Against Al Gore

The smears against Al Gore just get more and more absurd. The right wingers, who claim to proponents of capitalism (regardless of how much their policies harm the free market system), and who regularly refer to liberal supporters of the market system as “socialists,” are now attacking Al Gore for being a successful businessman. Here’s just one example of this latest line of attack from the right at Riehl World View. All of a sudden being successful, making a profit, and having a high net worth is evil to conservatives. And Gore is the one they are trying to call a hypocrite?

To recap: The right calls Gore a hypocrite when he’s doing exactly what he advocates with regards to conservation measures and purchasing carbon credits. They compare his energy use to that of an average house, which does not need to house offices. They claim that the right wing organization which raised these bogus charges is a “nonpartisan think tank.” Most importantly, none of these smears on Gore change the fact that the information he presents is based upon the consensus of scientific thought. As they cannot refute the science, they resort to these absurd smears.

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