Obama Pulling In Large Crowds Nationwide; Video of Austin Appearance On Line

I just quoted one candidate for the nomination. If you’d like to hear another, the video of Barack Obama’s speech in Austin from Friday is available on line. The has campaign spread well beyond the traditional living rooms of Iowa and New Hampshire voters at a very early date. AP reports that Obama is building his national reputation in this manner and lining up small donors nation wide. They also report that these appearances are bringing in more people than George Bush when he speaks, as well as more than the other Democratic candidates.

“I think the crowds are indicative of people wanting a fresh face and wanting a leader who can bring America forward,” said Trav Robertson, an experienced South Carolina Democratic campaign operative who attended events for Obama and rival Hillary Rodham Clinton in the past week and hasn’t settled on a candidate to support.

Robertson said both Clinton and Obama brought out packed and excited crowds, although Obama held his event in a larger setting and seemed to bring out more people he hadn’t seen around in politics before.

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    Mullah Cimoc says:

    Mullah Cimoc say:

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