How to Read Thomas Friedman

Actually this is Thomas Friedman on Meet the Press claiming this is how Democrats voted for Kerry and Gore:

One is that I believe Democrats voted in the last two elections like this, Tim. [Plugs nose] “Al Gore.” [Plugs nose] “John Kerry.” They voted with their nose plugged — basically.

Personally that is not how I voted, however, by an amaizing coincidence this is exactly how I read Thomas Friedman’s columns back when he was arguing for the Iraq War.

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    DynamicDems says:

    Amen! I couldn’t agree more.

  2. 3
    kj says:

    Yep, old Tom went on my “ignore” list after he supported Bush’s Folly, and even more so when later, he rationalized his support after he realized there really were no WMD’s in Iraq.
    Too bad, because his books look like interesting reads, but I won’t buy them. Won’t. Buy. Them. Nor will I pay Times Select to read him. All his knowledge… used to justify that war. There just isn’t a good enough excuse.

    Great blog, Ron!

  3. 4
    Nick says:

    Agree fully Ron

    Of course, Tom Friedman has also ripped unions and has said that one of the reasons for our current prosperity was Reagan’s firing of the air traffic controllers. Congress passed a law legalizing a do not call list for telemarketers. Maybe they can pass a do not book list for anit-labor Iraq War supporters.

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