John Kerry Nominates Veterans for Person of the Year

Time Magazine asked people who have been featured in the magazine for their recommendations for Person of the Year. Here is John Kerry’s recommendation:

I nominate the veterans who ran for Congress for their guts, grit, brains and heart. In Washington, veterans are too often seen as backdrops for speeches but seldom listened to about war and peace and body armor. Now the troops are speaking, and they will change the character of Congress.


Considering John Kerry’s long standing efforts to fight for better conditions for the troops and veterans, it is no surprise that the right wing smear machine has worked so hard to distort Kerry’s record, from their distortions of Kerry’s Vietnam era testimony to the recent attempt to misrepresent Kerry’s comments on Bush getting stuck in Iraq as a comment on the troops.

Update: These photos from Kerry’s Middle East trip fit in well with this story.



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    kj says:

    Well said, Senator Kerry!
    An an excellent, and long-over due, choice for Time magazine.

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