Are You Ready For Some Football, Obama Style?

Barack Obama, who is increasingly looking like the front runner for the Democratic nomination if Al Gore stays out, is following his highly successful campaign trip to New Hampshire with an appearance on Monday Night Football:

According to USA Today, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) will do nothing to discourage speculation he’ll take on Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) as he appears in ESPN’s Monday Night Football opening segment tonight to talk about “a contest between two very different philosophies” that is also “a contest about the future.” Supposedly, he’ll then acknowledge questions about “whether the new guy has enough experience.”

I wonder if has arranged to be placed in the game just in time to score the winning touchdown for Chicago. Why stop at Monday Night Football? How about arranging to be in the season finale of Lost to rescue everyone, and perhaps appear on House to solve a case which even House can’t solve?

Rick Klaus showed last week that Obama will win if Google can be used as an indicator. He looked at the graphs posted by Erik Heels which seemed to show that Hillary Clinton would win but Klaus found that Heels had misspelled Obama’s first name as Barak. While “Barak Obama” trails Clinton in hits, Barack Obama wins easily. As I found when I misspelled Dick Devos’s name during the Michigan Governor’s race, there’s lots of Google hits on a misspelled name, but not as many as on the correct spelling. For a small blog, however, it might bring in more hits to misspell someone’s name as many people misspell names in a search and there is less competition for hits on the incorrect spelling. Rick Klaus also looked at on line ad strategies and Obama today.

Santa Slammed in War on Christmas

Santa has been slammed–as a false god by a Pastor of the New Life Christian Church.

Somebody tell O’Reilly that it really isn’t the godless liberals who are waging the War on Christmas.