Cool Things To Do: Air America on a Palm

One disadvantage of listening to Air America in a city without a local station is being tied to somewhere with a computer. I’ve considered getting XM satellite radio to pick it up, but others have told me that reception is poor inside. This morning I came up with a partial solution.

I’m now listening to Air America on a Palm T|X PDA, which has both a small external speaker as well as ear phone inputs. To do this I’m using Pocket Tunes software, and using the built in web browser to go to Shoutcast. Besides Air America, many other stations are available including NPR and a wide variety of music.

This set up has one major drawback in only working where WiFi is available, but I can use it at home, at my office, and a growing number of places which offer WiFi. At least I can now listen with a pocket sized device.

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