Boston Globe Looks at Talk of Another Kerry Run

The Boston Globe looks at the possibility of Kerry running for President again in 2008. Some Washington insiders are skeptical, but Kerry realizes these are the same people who said he could not win the nomination in 2004:

The skepticism inside the Beltway doesn’t faze him, Kerry said. “The Washington thing was the same the last time. The conventional wisdom consistently proves itself wrong,” he said. “If I decide to run, it will be because I believe I can win.”

Ronald Rosenblith , who has been in every political battle of Kerry’s career, added, “He could have folded up after he lost and said `I had a good run at it.’ But it’s the passion about the issues that drives him, and, if on Nov. 8, he feels as passionately as he does today . . . he’ll need to go at [the presidency] again.”

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    kj says:

    And when JK runs, he will be full of optimism- and faith- in his efforts. The man doesn’t get the vapors. 😉

    Run Johnny Run.

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