Tina Fey Returns As Sarah Palin


Tina Fey returned to Saturday Night Live, reprising her impersonation of Sarah Palin. The video is above and following are four quotes:

“First I want to acknowledge that this week we finally vanquished one of the world’s great villains. And I for one am thrilled to say good riddance to Katie Couric.”

“It’s just so great to be back on Fox News, a network that both pays me and shows me the questions ahead of time. I just hope that tonight the lamestream media won’t twist my words by repeating them verbatim.”

“The important thing for people to know is that I’m gonna be runnin’ for president every four years for the rest of my life. It’s my Olympics and I intend to win a whole bunch of silvers.”

“As for boning up on experience and policy, I’m planning a trip to the Middle East, where I will be filming a cameo on Hangover 3, the third hangover. And I also recently purchased Rosetta Stone English.”

Bonus Quote: Bill Maher on Sarah Palin

“Sarah Palin said Obama should stop ‘pussyfooting around’ and release the photos. Yes, because the guy who ordered the SEALs into a sovereign country without permission and killed public enemy number one is a pussy, and the woman who quit her job as the governor of a state with no people after half a term and won’t do an interview with anyone but Greta Van Susteren is a bad-ass. Right.” –Bill Maher

For those who want a more serious update on Palin’s record, see The Tragedy of Sarah Palin in The Atlantic

Quote of the Day

“On a trip to Israel, Sarah Palin asked the Israelis why they’re apologizing all the time. They responded saying, ‘Because we told everyone Tina Fey was coming.'” –Conan O’Brien

Top Ten Surprises In Sarah Palin’s New Book

David Letterman’s “Top Ten Surprises In Sarah Palin’s New Book”

10. It’s one, long run-on sentence
9. Lists her favorite things to gut
8. In 2008, she voted for Obama
7. She plagiarizes the stuff George W. Bush plagiarized in his book
6. Averages six “You betcha’s” per page
5. In high school, was voted “Most Likely to Serve Half-Term As Alaska’s Governor”
4. Comes with a caribou jerky bookmark
3. There’s also an edition that’s been translated into English
2. Explains why they call her Baba Booey
1. Palin recently worked as a Tina Fey impersonator

Tina Fey Does Palin On Letterman

The Sarah Palin Network

Tina Fey hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. Fey portrayed Palin introducing The Sarah Palin Network (video above).

The 2012 GOP Invisible Primary On Late Night Television

Jay Leno is trying hard this week to get his show back on track with big name guests. Tonight he had Sarah Palin on. While Palin still has not dared to appear on any of the Sunday morning interview shows, she’s always up for some fluff.

Leno kept away from issues to avoid too much embarrassment for Palin. There was one strange exchange in which Leno talked about the media crossing the line to go after her children. Presumably this applies to comedians as well as the news media and I guess a joke such as this is a good example of crossing the line:

Governor Palin announced over the weekend that her 17-year-old unmarried daughter is five months pregnant. Oh, boy, you thought John Edwards was in trouble before, now he’s really done it!

That joke, incidentally, was told by Jay Leno, who told far more jokes about Palin’s children than David Letterman despite all the noise made by the right wing.

Palin naturally had writing on her hand and she even made a lame attempt at stand up comedy. If this was anyone else such an act might be taken as evidence that she does not intend to run for president in the future. Sarah Palin has already made such a gigantic fool out of herself while running for vice president that tonight’s appearance cannot hurt her any more.

Letterman meanwhile countered Palin’s appearance on The Tonight Show by having Mitt Romney on Late Night. Romney warned Dave to be careful of what he says about Sarah Palin because, “She has a rifle, you know.” Personally I think that, instead of inviting Romney on to counter Sarah Palin, Letterman should have invited Tina Fey.

SNL Close To Signing Betty White

There’s been a big campaign on Facebook and elsewhere to have Betty White host Saturday Night Live. Ausiello reports that SNL is close to signing White, but with a catch:

When a grassroots campaign involves both Facebook and a beloved Golden Girl, the scope of its influence cannot be underestimated. To wit: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Saturday Night Live is this close to signing TV legend Betty White to host the show for the very first time.

But there’s a catch — and a pretty cool one at that.

White would not be hosting alone. Rather, I hear SNL is putting together a “Women of Comedy” episode that would team the former Rose Nylund with several of her younger contemporaries. Ex-SNL MVP Molly Shannon is on board, I hear, and feelers have also been put out to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. (An NBC spokesperson insists no one has been confirmed at this time.)

Tina Fey Expects To Reprise Impression of Sarah Palin in April

Tina Fey is going to return to host Saturday Night Live in April and expects to reprise her impression of Sarah Palin:

Tina Fey will probably reprise her famous impression of Sarah Palin when she hosts “Saturday Night Live” in April, the comedian told The Associated Press.

“It’s inevitable that we’ll try it, at least,” Fey said in an interview Tuesday. “We’ll see if it makes it to air.”

Officials at the NBC sketch show wouldn’t comment; “SNL” generally doesn’t discuss any planned sketches, given that much can change even in the hours before show time.

Fey’s performances as the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate were an icon of the 2008 campaign and drew huge ratings for “SNL.”

Fey made four appearances on the show as Palin, earning her an Emmy in September for guest actor. She was also voted 2008’s AP Entertainer of the Year.

Slate Announces Winners of “Write Like Sarah Palin” Contest

Slate has held a “write like Sarah Palin” contest with the winners posted here. (Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan). The winner is:

One night after a long day of campaigning, when the haters had made my spirits reach a nadir, I looked into Todd’s eyes, which were as blue as the stripes on Old Glory, and too representing truth and loyalty, and he looked back at me with a twinkle of determination which I hadn’t seen since I told him my goal of having another baby in my fifties and naming it Tron, then did I know for sure that I could carry on, like he, and we, have done together all of these years on this long, Iron Dog race of a marriage that is at once grueling and celestial, onerous and majestic.

Sure it is amusing but we really cannot blame Sarah Palin for content written by others, no matter how much it sounds like something she might say. Besides, there’s plenty of material in Palin’s own statements. For example, in her second appearance as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey received laughs for quoting Palin word for word in response to one question from Katie Couric.

Quote of the Day


“They made a porn movie about Sarah Palin and the same actress, Lisa Ann, played me in the porn version of 30 Rock. Weirdly, of the three of us, Lisa Ann knows the most about foreign policy.”
Tina Fey

I sure hope that Tina Fey plays Sarah Palin on a book tour tonight on  Saturday Night Live.