Russiagate And Censorship

Russiagate Nonsense

The Damage From Russiagate

Mueller Wrapping Up Soon

I will be glad when we stop hearing Russiagate conspiracy theorists say “wait for Mueller to finish.” What will they say if he finishes and still has provided zero evidence to support their claims? Hopefully they will be satisfied with the overwhelming evidence that Trump is a crook, and drop the Russia conspiracy theories about the 2016 election–but I doubt it.

Twitter Revises Data On Russian Trolls

Dealing With Candidates You Do Not Support

True Meddling In Other Countries

The map isn’t even complete, most notably leaving out the Clinton-backed coup in Honduras.

What Bernie Can Learn From Tulsi

Democratic McCarthyism

Just part of a response to Clinton supporters who think that voting for Clinton was what progressives should have done in 2016, and do not understand that Democratic McCarthyism is at least as bad as anything done by Trump.

Gabbard Only Candidate To Speak Out Against The New Cold War With Russia