GOP Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell Is Something Which Rhymes with “Bitch”

Christine O’Donnell appears to be following Sarah Palin’s path in avoiding the media and has canceled her scheduled appearances on Face the Nation and Fox News Sunday. When the GOP propagandists at Fox are too much for a Republican candidate they really must realize they are not ready for prime time (or in this case, Sunday morning).

Unfortunately for O’Donnell, Bill Maher has a collection of  videos from previous appearances on his show, including the one above in which she discussed how she “dabbled in witchcraft.” Maher threatened to continue to show these videos unless she appears on his show. “I’m just saying, Christine, it’s like a hostage crisis,” he said, “every week you don’t show up, I’m going to throw another body out.” Besides exposing her interest in witchcraft, he might delve further into her belief in young-earth creationsim.

Maher also took credit for creating O’Donnell:

Last night, Real Time aired its first show of the current season. Maher began by mocking O’Donnell, calling her “an uemployed, anti-masturbation activist and a close friend of mine.” “I created her,” Maher told the audience, turning to the camera and stating, “You owe me Christine O’Donnell.” Maher said that he has great fondness for O’Donnell, adding, “She does not have a mean bone in her body, or any other bone in her body.”

The Night The Lunatics Left The Asylum And Took Control Of The GOP

It’s been a busy night of tweeting as Christine O’Donnell beak Mike Castle in Delaware, with other Tea Party victories in New York and most likely New Hampshire. It’s getting too late to put together an actual blog post so I’ll cheat and recycle Facebook status updates and tweets from tonight, with some additional links. (Frequently they were similar but I’ll generally go with the Facebook status updates since they didn’t need to be condensed to 140 characters and they aren’t full of hashmarks.)

The media is calling the Tea Party wins in Republican primaries tonight “upsets.” Haven’t they been paying attention? The bat-shit crazy people now dominate the Republican Party and will turn out to vote for their own.

With the primary season over it is now official. The GOP has nominated the most extremist and insane bunch of candidates ever seen. Have we ever encountered a group as hostile to American values as this year’s Republican candidates?

Despite the political plus, I will not celebrate the fact that our country can nominate these Tea Party lunatics for public office.

Who could have guessed it would happen? The country elects a black man as president and two years later the Republican Party embraces Tea Party lunacy.

Seeing the types of lunatics and extremists nominated by the Republican Party this year leads to one inescapable conclusion. It really is possible that Palin/Beck will be their 2012 ticket.

O’Donnell’s a lot easier to understand if you think of it as going Galt “down there.” –David Waldman via Twitter

Castle says he won’t back O’Donnell, essentially telling her to go f*ck herself–something she swears she will never do.

Remember the good old days when Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman were the nuttiest people we had to contend with in politics?