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Repeal of Health Care Reform Is Very Unlikely

Conservatives who spent the last year opposing any health care reform have not learned their lesson. Rather than pushing for reasonable changes in the bill (such as correcting problems with how the Medicare Commission is being formed or pushing for more meaningful tort reform) many Republicans spent the day talking of repeal. This is not […]

Clintons Stand Alone Following Reports In “Game Change”

Game Change provided several details of the sleaze coming from the Clinton campaign. I noted some examples here and here. After items from Game Change were published many people came to the defense of Harry Reid, but Politco notes that nobody is defending the Clintons from the harsh treatment of them during the campaign: What’s […]

“Game Change” Has Embarrassing Moments For the Clintons, the Edwards, Harry Reid, and Sarah Palin

Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin doesn’t come out until Tuesday but advance copies are out. Marc Ambinder has some of the juiciest portions: Hillary Clinton had a “war room within a war room” to deal with Bill’s libido: The […]

Paranoia From A Big Fat Idiot

Al Franken, who can finally take the Senate seat he narrowly won, began in politics by writing the book, Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot. This seems like a good time to provide today’s example (via Mark Halperin) which shows how big an idiot Limbaugh is: You have to wonder if Obama is just […]

The Imaginary Drop in Obama’s Support

Mark Halperin has made a career of taking right wing talking points and getting the media to repeat them as fact. You would think that others in the media would have caught on to his tactics by now. Steven Leser points out that Halperin has gotten away with this once again. Yesterday Halperin picked up […]

The Five Most Important People in American Politics Right Now Who Aren’t Barack Obama

Mark Halperin’s list: 1. John Podesta 2. Rahm Emanuel 3. John Kerry 4. John McCain 5. The next chair of the Republican National Committee Does this mean he goes along with the argument for Kerry as Secretary of State? Of course Kerry can also be important as an Obama ally and member of the Senate, […]

Republicans Lost By Fighting the Wrong Battles

The Republicans lost not only because a majority of voters rejected their views but because they were fighting the wrong battles. Voters didn’t so much disagree with Republicans but simply found that their views were irrelevant to the 21st century world.The old Republican arguments no longer worked. Republicans won in 2002 and 2004 by capitalizing […]

Another Desperation Move From the Republicans

With only a few days to go until the election,the Republicans have failed to learn the lessons of Hillary Clinton’s defeat to Barack Obama. Instead of presenting positive arguments to vote for John McCain they have concentrated on a succession of smears which have only backfired against them. After the 2004 election, when John Kerry […]

More Conservative Hysteria on Economic Discussion

The right wing continues to practice what Mark Halperin and John Harris described as the freak show in The Way to Win. Today they are going wild over a YouTube video dug up by Matt Drudge–which is the first sign it should be questioned. A heavily edited segment from a 2001 interview is distorted to […]

The End of the Freak Show and the Conservative Arguments Against Obama

Guy Benson ( and Mary Katharine Ham ( have posted what they consider to be The comprehensive argument against Barack Obama at Hot Air. Their inability to come up with anything more with more substance than this, along with the lack of any positive argument to vote for John McCain, demonstrates why Obama is now […]