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Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment Opposing The Current Senate Health Care Bill

Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment on why he believes the Senate health care bill is no longer supportable. I posted more on the various views held on the left here. The transcript of this Special Comment is below the fold.

Keith Olbermann Responds To Conservative Attacks Comparing MSNBC to Fox

Above is the video of Keith Olbermann’s response to the attempts by the right to create a false equivalency between MSNBC and Fox. I previously commented on this yesterday. Among the points he makes is the absurdity of conservatives seeing a conspiracy in Obama meeting with liberal commentator such as Olbermann considering that Obama has […]

Keith Olbermann Demolishes Joe Wilson

Keith Olbermann demolished Joe Wilson in a Special Comment last night(video above). Transcript (via Crooks and Liars) under the fold. More on Wilson here and here.

Keith Olbermann and Craig Crawford on the Letterman/Palin Controversy

[youtube=] Keith Olbermann and Craig Crawford discussed political humor and the controversy over David Letterman’s jokes about Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin in the above video.

Olbermann and Liberal Bloggers Criticize Obama Secrecy Arguments

MSNBC has come under justified criticism for often appearing like a mirror image of Fox during their prime time political coverage. During the campaign they ultimately removed Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as anchors for political events due to their obvious support for Obama. As Obama comes under increased criticism for the policies of his […]

Keith Olbermann Needs A New Sign Off

I have MSNBC on in the background, for the first time since Obama’s inauguration, while killing time until Battlestar Galactica starts. I just started getting CNN in HD, tipping the balance in their favor. Besides, MSNBC is almost as much opinion as Fox, except that at least Olbermann and Maddow don’t claim that their shows […]

Olbermann Parody on Saturday Night Live

The video of the skit on Keith Olbermann on Saturday Night Live was not available when I posted other videos from the episode (here).It has now been posted and is embedded above.

Olbermann and McCain on Saturday Night Live

As I noted earlier, John McCain will be on Saturday Night Live this weekend. He will be joined by Keith Olbermann, or at least a skit mocking him. Olbermann reportedly crashed the rehearsal, but was amused by the skit: Ben Affleck, who’s hosting “Saturday Night Live” this week, was rehearsing a skit this afternoon mocking Keith […]

Keith Olbermann Calls on McCain to Suspend His Campaign

Keith Olbermann had a Special Comment on the negative tone of the McCain/Palin campaign last night. Video is above and the transcript is under the fold. Olbermann charges that McCain is “tacitly inciting lunatics to violence” and calls on McCain to suspend his campaign “until you, or somebody else, gets some control over it and […]

Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment on John McCain’s Views on Iraq

Keith Olbermann had a Special Comment on John McCain’s recent statement that it is “not too important” when American forces come home from Iraq (video above). To dispense with the question of whether this is being taken out of context (which sometimes was done immediately after this comment), Olbermann provided the full transcript of the […]