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SciFi Weekend: Orphan Black; Hannibal Serves Antipasto; Community–Six Season And A Movie?; Gilmore Girls Reunion; Nebula Awards Winners

Orphan Black continues at high speed in the second half of the season with Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method being one of the best episodes of the season. There was the return of another clone as  Tatiana Maslany once again played Krystal, the manicurist who fears twins and clowns who was seen in […]

SciFi Weekend: Mad Men Ends In Perfect Harmony; The Flash Season Finale; Orphan Black; David Letterman’s Final Show; Gilmore Girls Reunion; Community’s Homage To The Captain America Elevator Scene; John Nash

 Mad Men really did end somewhat like I discussed last week–Don Draper on the California coast, analogous to the season finale of Arrow with Oliver and Felicity driving up the coast.  Don even traveled with a woman from Arrow–Caity Lotz, the Black Canary. In this case she played Stephanie, Anna Draper’s niece. The choice was […]

SciFi Weekend: Doctor Who; Sleepy Hollow; Outlander; Star Trek TOS In Wide Screen; You’re The Worst; Married; An Honourable Woman; Gilmore Girls; SHIELD; Agent Carter; The Hulk; Supergirl; Teen Titans; The Leftovers

Listen was an ambitious episode of Doctor Who, even if it does fall short of Blink, which it has been compared to. The episode deals with the character and origin of the Doctor, the further importance of the impossible girl in the development of the Doctor, along with Danny Pink’s (and presumably Clara’s) family tree. […]

Big Bang Theory Meets Gilmore Girls

Readers of this blog have undoubtedly picked up on the fact that two television shows I like are Big Bang Theory and Gilmore Girls. An old post on the possibility of a Gilmore Girls movie has by far the longest running thread of comments which has continued into this year. One concern I’ve had is […]

Amy-Sherman Palladino Leaves Door Open on Gilmore Girls Movie

One of the most heavily visited old posts on the blog is about the possibility of Amy Sherman-Palladino returning to do a movie of The Gilmore Girls and possibly reveal the four final words she intended for the series. Sherman-Palladino had stated long before the end of the show that she already had the final […]

Amy Sherman-Palladino And The Real Ending To Gilmore Girls

Amy Sherman-Palladino isn’t revealing her planned ending, and four final words, for The Gilmore Girls yet. If this is true, it will be worth waiting to find out what those words are. Michael Ausiello reports in Wednesday’s column that she is looking at making a two-hour movie to properly tie up the series. From the […]

The Gilmore Girls Series Finale

  Gilmore Girls fans have generally been disappointed since David Rosenthal took over for Amy Sherman-Palladino, but Rosenthal did a good job with the finale. The show had to be written so that it could work as either a season or series finale, and it worked on either level. It was a good decision to […]

Gilmore Girls To End This Month

The CW Network and Warner Brothers have announced today that Gilmore Girls will end with tihs season’s final episode, scheduled to air May 15. Rory Gilmore graduates from Yale next week, with her future remaining in doubt. Reportedly the final episode will show Rory finally meeting her long-time idol, Christiiane Aranpour. AP quotes Lauren Graham […]

Amy-Sherman Palladino on This Season’s Gilmore Girls and Rumors She Will Return for Finale

Gilmore Girls fans have had to endure a lot this year. There’s been the quickie marriage between Lorelei and Christopher which just isn’t working out so well. There’s the strange return of Marty, ultimately leading to a falling out with Rory’s new friends (which don’t compete with Paris and Lane any ways). Hopefully we are […]

SciFI Weekend II: Doctor Who; Game of Thrones; Revolution; Princesses; Rory Gilmore; Lena Dunham and Seth MacFarlane Parodies

Doctor Who returns on March 30 to BBC1 and BBC America: Following a record-breaking year, fan favorite Doctor Who returns with a modern day urban thriller, The Bells of St. John, written by lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat (Sherlock).  Set in London against the backdrop of new and old iconic landmarks – The […]