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David Brooks Might Respect 75% of Democrats

In some of his columns, David Brooks gives the impression that he considers all Democrats to be far left partisans. Today he presents a more moderate view, even if he overestimates the number of Democrats in the “establishment.” Let me offer some advice. Let’s say you’re a Republican appointed to an important job in Washington. […]

David Brooks Predicts More Losses For The “Grim Old Party”

David Brooks calls the Republicans the Grim Old Party, and warns, “it will take a few more crushing defeats before Republicans tear down the self-imposed walls that confine them.” The Republicans suffered one unpleasant event in November 2006, and they are headed toward an even nastier one in 2008. The Democrats have opened up a […]

David Brooks Interviews Obama

David Brooks recently interviewed Barack Obama and discussed it in today’s column. You always have to take anything Brooks says about a Democrat with a grain of salt, but in this column Brooks held back on his usual Democrat-bashing. Considering that it is rare to have someone like Obama who we know so little about […]

David Brooks Abandons Goldwater and Reagan

David Brooks makes a couple of fundamental errors his current column in believing Republican rhetoric and in lumping all government actions together. Brooks may not understand the right course for the country, but at least he is coming around to realizing that Republicans are out of touch with the voters. He realizes that all the […]

Neoliberalism, Or Who Cares What David Brooks Says About Liberals?

While I discussed liberals today from the context of similarities to and differences from libertarians, the liberal blogosphere is spending the day discussing liberalism from the context of the ideas of David Brooks. I initially didn’t bother commenting on his column from yesterday, considering that David Brooks is hardly the one whose definitions of liberal […]

David Brooks Would Have a Beer with Bill Richardson

David Brooks believes Bill Richardson is “the candidate most likely to rise.” Appealing to David Brooks is hardly something for a Democratic candidate to brag about, but perhaps this indicates he has a chance of achieving bipartisan support. Brooks writes: Then Bill Richardson walked onstage. He was dressed differently — in slacks and a sports […]

David Brooks Finds Democrats Less Radical Than Previously Feared

David Brooks looks at increasing income inequality noting, “Income inequality is on the rise. The rich are getting better at passing their advantages on to their kids.” He questions to what degree Americans will demand policies to reverse this trend. After reviewing different possibilities he finds that “Americans have for centuries embraced individualistic, meritocratic, antistatist […]

David Brooks: The Democrats Are to Blame For Iraq

We’ve now seen numerous books published demonstrating that, after Bush lied the country into the war, and had no rational plans for success. It would seem that failure would be his responsibility. Despite being responsible for all the plans to get us into Iraq, Brooks starts his column by trying to shift the blame to […]

David Brooks Gives Up His Stereotype of Democrats

Is there hope for David Brooks? Brooks begins his column with his usual attack on his view of the Democrats as “liberal elites who reviled the military.” While we’ve heard the same nonsense from him many times in the past, this time he acknowledges that there are Democrats running who do not fit his stereotype: […]

David Brooks on What is To Come Next

David Brooks avoids the usual partisan battles, and therefore once again presents some things worth thinking about in today’s column. He notes, “Between 1932 and 1968, liberalism dominated American politics. The big accomplishments were liberal accomplishments — Social Security, Medicare, the civil rights movement.” In contrast he believes that between 1980 and 2006 conservativism was […]