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George Bush’s Failure at Tora Bora

The previous post reviews my grievances against George Bush, including how he allowed Osama bin Laden to get away when he could have been captured at Tora Bora. Coincidentally The New Republic is now running a lengthy story on the events at Tora Bora. The story addresses the complaints about George Bush at the end: […]

Report Released on Bush’s Failure To Capture Bin Laden At Tora Bora

I’ve mentioned the failure of the Bush administration to capture bin Laden when they had an excellent chance  at Tora Bora multiple times in the past.  The New York Daily News reports on a Senate report on this failure. John Kerry, who criticized Bush for his mistakes at Tora Bora when running against him in […]

Bill Clinton Didn’t Allow bin Laden to Escape at Tora Bora

I’ve posted about Bush’s failure to capture bin Laden when he had the chance at Tora Bora several times, but on the eve of 9/11 it deserves to be noted again, especially as right wingers are enjoying their propaganda on ABC which falsely blames Clinton. Paul Krugman reviewed this in today’s column: The path to […]

Moderate Republicans Reject Social Conservativism, Call For Restoration of Checks and Balances

Groups of moderate Republicans have issued a statement of principles which I have found via Central Sanity and Michael P.F. van der Galiën. This return to rule of law and move away from the authoritarianism of the current Republican leadership is what is necessary if the Republicans are to hope to be anything more than a southern regional party in the future. All in all, it isn’t even terribly inconsistent with the views I recently expressed in The Meaning of Liberalism.

Republicans Attack Obama For Capturing Terrorist Involved In Benghazi Attack

One of the major attacks on Obama from the right was that they never captured those responsible for Benghazi–never mind how many people responsible for embassy attacks under Reagan and Bush were never apprehended, or that it was Obama that got bin Laden years after Bush let him escape at Tora Bora. Now one of […]

Republicans Can’t Handle The Truth: Bin Laden is Dead and General Motors is Alive

The Republican Party has been playing politics with terrorism since the 9/11 attack, in a manner similar to how they played politics with anti-Communism in past decades. Republicans are now upset and in denial about two things: the Democrats have been far more successful on national security and, even worse, they dare to promote their […]

Obama Winning The War That Bush Kept Losing, But We Must Consider The Ethical Issues

The killing of American born al Qudda leader Anwar al-Awlaki is both reason to celebrate the success of  U.S. policy against terrorism and question under Obama as opposed to Bush and to consider the need for new legal mechanisms to apply to the modern world. Old concepts of war, as well as due justice, do […]

Boost For Obama In Polls After Bin Laden Killed–And Why It Could Last

The first polls show a bump in Barack Obama’s approval following the killing of Osama bin Laden. The Washington Post shows overall approval up to 56 percent, up nine points from April. There were also increases in other areas of the poll which were relevant to this news, such as a career high 69 percent […]

Osama bin Laden Is Still Dead: Top Stories On The Attack

Osama bin Laden is still dead, and there is a lot of interesting things to read since the initial post here (which includes video and text of President Obamas statement). Business Insider reports that President Obama watched the raid live via a helmet-cam.  The picture above shows Obama and others watching in the Situation Room. […]

Memories of Festivus Past

(It is almost the start of Festivus. Before beginning this year’s celebration I’ll look back at the traditional Festivus Airing of Grievances from 2005. The Grievances were aimed at then-president George Bush.) Today is Festivus, the nondenominational holiday made famous on Seinfeld. The Festivus celebration includes The Airing of Grievances in which each participate at […]