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Chimpanzees Hunt Bush Babies With Spears

Some people without a background in science have difficulty with evolution because they see apes and humans as too different to be related (or more accurately, to have a common ancestor). DNA studies have already shown how similar humans and chimpanzees are, but now we see that their behavior is closer to human behavior than […]

Britney Spears vs. A Platoon of Lesbians: The New Face of National Security?

The Bush administration believes we have a new weapon to fight terrorism–Britney Spears music. Robert R. Reilly, former director of the Voice of America thinks that broadcasting ideas would be more effective.

Apparently we must be open to new ways to fight, including use of Britney Spears, in case the enemy develops new tactics, such as a platoon of lesbians:

Gay Marriage Killed the Dinosaurs

A Facebook group explains: Top 17 Reasons Why Gay Marriage is Wrong 17. Gay marriage will change the foundation of society; we could never adapt to new social norms. Just like we haven’t adapted to cars, the service-sector economy, or longer life spans. 16. Gay culture is a new fad created by the liberal media […]

Sarah Palin Continues To Drag Daughter Through Mud For Political Gain

[youtube=] The controversy over the poor taste of a few of David Letterman’s recent jokes continues to receive attention in the media and blogosphere, but the actual jokes have become overshadowed by the manner in which Sarah Palin has decided to sacrifice the good of her children for political gain, along with the mob mentality […]

Right Wing News Should Boost Traffic With Nude Obama and Palin Pics

It is always amusing to see what types of search words bring in people from search engines. Obviously there are always lots of mundane searches such as Obama’s position on Medicare Advantage plans, but it is the non-political searches which are most amusing to read. Via Memeorandum I see that Right Wing News should do […]

The New Red Scare

Having run out of ideas, the right wing has returned to McCarthyism and has tried to revive red scares. We saw this during the campaign when they distorted comments made by Barack Obama to falsely claim he supported redistribution of wealth in a Marxist sense. This fictitious use of the red scare was prevalent at […]

Talk Radio And The Conservative Fantasy World

I’ve had a number of posts on how the Republicans lost due to being out of touch with reality and making arguments which making voting for them unpalatable to many educated voters. This includes some of the following recent posts: The Republican Ship of Fools Republicans and Meshugeneh Jewish Voters Charlie Cook On The Republican […]

Obama Resonds To McCain’s Dishonest Campaign

The last several posts have been about the dishonesty of John McCain’s campaign. I’ve noted how fact checkers are reporting on it and on how the newsmedia is reporting on this. More importantly for regaining his lead in the race, Barack Obama is also responding. CNN reports: Obama, speaking to a crowd Saturday in Manchester, […]

Republicans: Taking Pride in Being Ignorant

Obama has hit back at the Republicans who have been distorting Obama’s energy policy by dwelling on his comment on the energy savings from keeping tires properly inflated. This attack on Obama fails because, not only are they misrepresenting Obama’s views by claiming this is his sole policy, but because there actually are benefits from […]

McCain’s Use of the Race Card

Joe Trippi (via Marc Ambinder) has an astute comment on how John McCain managed to get race into the campaign while appearing to take the high road to those who aren’t paying close attention to what McCain has been pulling: It appears to me that the McCain campaign may be executing a classic “Race? Not […]