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Andrei Cherny on Bob Shrum and the Kerry Campaign

Andrei Cherny looks at some of the errors in Bob Shrum’s new book, and in the process shows where Kerry’s campaign went wrong: So, first off, my name is “Andrei Cherny,” not “Andrei Cherney.” When you have a name like mine, you get used to having it misspelled. But paging through his book, this was […]

Bob Shrum Exposes Edwards as Lightweight and Phony

While Bob Shrum’s judgement in running Presidential campaigns is open to criticism, the descriptions of John Edwards discussed in a review of his book at The New Republic are consistent with other evidence. I cannot argue with the manner in which Shrum characterizes Edwards as a “lightweight” and “hyper-ambitious phoney.” It also sounds like the […]

Shrum States Clinton Wanted to Be Kerry Running Mate

The New York Daily News reports that Bob Shrum states in his upcoming book that Hillary Clinton’s associates pushed to get Clinton chosen as John Kerry’s running mate in 2004. The choice was rejected due to her high negatives: Sen. Hillary Clinton’s agents lobbied for her to be John Kerry’s running mate in 2004, but […]

Why Hillary Clinton Could Not Beat Our Insane Clown President

In their quick and Orwellian rewriting of the campaign history, the Clinton camp quickly moved from being in an election they could not lose to one in which multiple external factors conspired to make it an election which Hillary could not win. Even many Democrats continue to accept Clinton’s excuses and ignore what Andrew Sullivan […]

A Reporter Reassesses His View of John Edwards

Last October I had a post which was critical of a favorable article Walter Shapiro had written on John Edwards. Considering all the emails I received from Edwards supporters for not accepting Shapiro’s mostly positive assessment, I do have some satisfaction in today’s article from Shapiro on Edwards. Shapiro now admits he was wrong in […]

John Edwards’ Sincerity Has Long Been In Doubt

The John Edwards/Rielle Hunter scandal came as a shock to many, but others such as myself have long considered Edwards a phony (as is apparent from my earlier posts under the John Edwards tag). Many other bloggers are now referring back to previous posts expressing their opinion of Edwards. For example Andrew Malcolm has reposted […]

Clinton Shows No Signs Of Making Pre-New Hampshire Come Back

The news continues to look bad for Hillary Clinton today. Reuters reports on a ten point lead for Obama. The New York Times says that even interest in Bill Clinton is decreasing. The New York Daily News has an op-ed on from Bob Shrum on “Hillary’s massive mistake.” Drudge is floating a rumor that Hillary […]

Peggy Noonan’s Fairly Reasonable Assessment of the Candidates

Peggy Noonan reviews the candidates from both parties based upon whether she finds the candidates “reasonable” as opposed to whether they share her ideology. As a result of looking beyond ideology, I must say that Noonan does a far more reasonable job of assessing the candidates than I would expect from a conservative columnist at […]

The Festivus Airing of Grievances

Today is Festivus, the nondenominational holiday made famous on Seinfeld. The Festivus celebration includes The Airing of Grievances in which each participant at the Festivus Dinner tells each other all the instances where they disappointed him or her that year. In past years I have done an blog version in which I aired my grievances […]

Edwards Continues To Show Lack Of Respect For Separation of Powers

Usually when politicians make a mistake they will have the sense to either drop the point (or sometimes try to rewrite history such as Bill Clinton on Iraq). One exception is John Edwards, who shows once again why Bob Shrum called him a “lightweight” and “a Clinton who hadn’t read the books” and why a […]