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SciFi Friday: Season Finales and Specials For Doctor Who, Dexter, Homeland, Merlin, and Downton Abbey

It is now the start of 2012 (except for those in the GOP who remain in 1812), making it a good time to look back on the past year. 2011 ended with a few significant season finales for genre shows. The most recent to air was the Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Doctor, The Widow, […]

SciFi Friday Cylon & Cyborg Edition: Battlestar Galactica; Sarah Connor Chronicles; and Sarah Palin, Stepford Veep?

If things remain as busy this election year I should come up with a new title considering how it has been necessary to postpone the vast majority of editions of SciFi Friday until late in the weekend ever since the primary campaign heated up. I can’t get away with ignoring the rest of the news […]

SciFi Friday Labor Day Weekend Edition: Doctor Who Comes to the US, Star Trek, and Rebooting Catwoman (as Cher?)

After taking a long Labor Day weekend off there will be an abreviated edition to end the weekend. News of the World reports that two of next season’s Doctor Who specials will be filmed in the United States. The report says that The Doctor will “save the world with a BIG-NAME American female assistant.” The […]

SciFi Friday Rebooted Characters: Doctor Who, The Prisoner, Superman, and Disney Princesses

We have a long way to go until there are more new episodes of Doctor Who beyond an occasional special, but fans are hoping for more. In the past there have been some Doctor Who movies and, although none were particularly memorable, fans have been hoping for another movie since the series returned. Steven Moffat […]

SciFi Friday: Doctor Who and Its Spin Offs

[youtube=] This week’s installment of SciFi Friday will deal with Doctor Who and some of its spin offs. First let’s get everyone up to date. The video above contains the entire history of Doctor Who in under eight minutes from the first episode in 1963 through this season’s two-part finale, The Stolen Earth and Journey’s […]

SciFi Friday: Moffat Wins Three In A Row; The Doctor Dates His Daughter

The Hugo Awards are out and Steven Moffat now won three years in a row for episodes of Doctor Who. This year he won for Blink, which I previously reviewed here. He previously won awards for The Girl in the Fireplace, The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances. While I have long been impressed for […]

SciFi Friday: Approaching the Moffat Era for Doctor Who

Journey’s End, the season finale of Doctor Who and the final regular episode under Russell T. Davies aired Friday on the Science Fiction channel. My comments on the episode were previously posted here. Davies will still be doing a series of specials while David Tennant is performing in Hamlet, with the series resuming on a […]

SciFi Friday Comics Edition: Batman, A Gay Captain America, and Supergirl Gives Up Being a Slut

With The Dark Night breaking former box office records, and with Comic Con going on this week, I will devote this week’s installment of SciFi Friday (delay until Sunday) to comics related stories. Batman has no superpowers and therefore of all the major comic superheroes it might be most plausible for Batman toe exist. Scientific […]

SciFi Friday: Summer Reading; Doctor Who Specials; Babylon 5; Spidey Gets Lucky; and The Galaxy’s Hottest Star Wars Fan

Looking for something to read at the beach this summer? You might try the Lost Book Club. Often episodes of Lost have included reference to a book which was relevant to the theme of the episode. The Lost Book Club website includes books which have been featured in various episodes and an explanation of their […]

SciFi Friday: Journey’s End On Doctor Who For Russel T. Davies, Billy Piper, and Catherine Tate

Russell T. Davies brought together all of The Doctor’s companions from the past four years as he concluded his final regular season as show runner in Journey’s End. This post contains many spoilers and I advise those watching on the Sci-Fi Channel to hold off on reading until they have aired the episode. The episode […]