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Another Call For A Science Debate

It is becoming a regular feature of elections that there is a call for a science debate. Despite lack of interest by politicians, there is another call for a science debate this election: Science is changing everything, with major economic, environmental, health, legal, and moral implications. Sign the call for the candidates to debate: “Given […]

The Science Debate

While the candidates are not going to participate in a live Science Debate, they did respond to fourteen questions on science in writing. The answers from Barack Obama and John McCain on science questions are posted here.

Candidates Invited to Science Debate

In December I reported on plans to invite the candidates to a Science Debate. An invitation has now been sent to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Mike Huckabee to participate in a debate proposed for April 18. The invitation provides the following description of the debate: The debate may include such policy issues […]

Science Debate

So far in the debates and presidential campaign we’ve learned that many of the Republican candidates do not accept established science in areas such as evolution and climate change. Even among the politicians who do not reject science we have not heard very many details as to how their views on these and other scientific […]

SciFi Friday Part I: A Science Fiction Debate

SciFi Friday is a little late this week, which actually works out well as a couple of the stories include shows from Saturday night. Tonight I’ll also break SciFi Friday into two parts. During last week’s debate in Ohio, Tim Russert went overboard with hypothetical questions leading me to comment that I half expected him […]

House Republicans Pass Anti-Abortion Bill Based On Pseudo-Science

Conservatives rarely give up on a bad idea, and have no problem with basing their legislation on junk science. Back in January, 2015 I wrote about Republican efforts to restrict abortion based upon the scientifically invalid idea that a fetus can feel pain at twenty weeks: Conservative efforts to ban abortions after 20 weeks are […]

Data Shows Earth Continues To Get Warmer As Incoming Trump Administration Denies The Science

Climate change deniers have been making fallacious claims of a hiatus in the warming of the planet, based upon cherry picking data. The actual data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and from NASA shows that 2016 was the warmest year on record, with this record having been broken for three consecutive years. The […]

The Democratic Debate: Clinton Wins On Style And Gets Support Of Pundits; Sanders Wins On The Issues And Wins The Focus Groups

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders each entered the first Democratic debate with different goals, and both accomplished them. Clinton was more polished, with both more debating experience, and having prepared in a conventional manner. She was also better at evading questions she did not want to answer. She won the chattering class. The same journalists […]

The Second Republican Debate: Faux Controversies, Lies, And One Candidate Was Even Right Twice

The second Republican debate (transcript here), this time hosted by CNN, didn’t raise as much controversy as the first. Donald Trump was still a dominant force, but whenever the talk got to policy, Trump didn’t know what to say and was quieter. CNN did try to liven things up with having the candidates respond to […]

Measles Outbreak Shows How Republicans Have A Serious Problem With Science And Facts

Statements from many prominent Republicans, including Chris Christie and Rand Paul, on the measles outbreak have served to remind people that Republicans really are the Party of Stupid. This follows recent problems with Republicans ignoring the science to promote hysteria in response to Ebola.  As The New York Times wrote: The vaccination controversy is a […]