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Sci Fi Friday (Memorial Day Edition): Moffat To Run The Doctor; Terminator Changes the Future; Xavier Returns; And Great Moments for Nerds

It’s been a fairly slow week due to new episodes of many shows being postponed to avoid airing over Memorial Day weekend. I thought that at least the BBC would be showing Doctor Who but when I tried to download it I found that the scheduled episode, Silence in the Library, has also been postponed […]

Sci Fi Friday (Sunday Edition): Leaving The Island; An Alliance With Cylons; Sontarans Return; And Einstein on God

This week’s episode of Lost, There’s No Place Like Home Part I, was first part of the season finale, with the flash forward apparently being not very far ahead of the story on the island. Those on the island face death if they remain, but going out to the freighter might not be even safer, […]

Sci Fi Friday: Blink and You’re Dead, But What About Tony Soprano?

Today’s edition of SciFi Friday will look further at the finale to The Sopranos, as well as other shows but first, don’t turn around, don’t look away, and don’t blink. Blaink and you’re dead. That is unless you haven’t watched last Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who and plan to watch in the future. In that […]

Sci Fi Friday: Masters of Horror

Showtime’s Masters of Horror series get involved with politics again. Last season they featured Homecoming, in which dead vets came back to get their revenge against those responsible for Iraq. Tonight Masters of Horror gets involved in the abortion controversy. Slice of SciFi reports: Caitlin Wachs, who stars as a pregnant teenager in the upcoming […]

Sci Fi Friday: May The Force Be With You

The Sci Fi Friday posts have previously dealt with religion in Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. There have been many religions invented in science fiction literature from Starnger in a Strange Land to Discordians in the Illuminatus Trilogy which some have adopted. Some would even say that the entire Scientology cult stems from science fiction […]

Sci Fi Friday: Ron Moore on Religion vs. Humanism in Star Trek and BSG

Interviews with Ron Moore are almost becoming a regular part of SciFi Friday. This week I have some excerpts from an interview conducted by Harlan Ellison: Ellison: The parallels to current events are obvious; in particular, I think that the analogies to the Iraqi War are very clear. Did the parallels come from you or […]

Sci Fi Friday: Star Trek Meets Heroes

Heroes must have lots of fans. After I recently had a brief story on it in a previous edition of Sci Fi Friday, “Save the Cheerleader Save the World” has become one of the biggest search engine hits for this site. I’ve more commonly had posts about classic SF shows such as Star Trek, but […]

Sci Fi Friday: Battlestar Galactica & Iraq; Star Trek and Fascism??

Ron Moore was interviewed at Here’s a few of the questions which relate to political issues: Q: The parallels to the Iraqi war I think are very clear. Did the parallel come from you or some sci-fi executive? Moore: Fundamentally it came from me and I felt okay from that first weekend of thinking […]

Sci Fi Friday: Battlestar Galactica Returns and More on The Others on Lost

Battlestar Galactica‘s third season opened last week by takilng advantage of science fiction’s ability to discuss issues which might be too controversial for other television shows. Last season ended with the settlement on New Caprica surrendering to the Cylons. A resistance movement formed, allowing the opening episode to look at suicide bombings from the viewpoint […]

Sci Fi Friday

The big news remains the return of Battlestar Galactica tonight, but there’s still a few other things worth mentioning until it airs tonignt. Lost also returned this week, leaving more questions than answers, as would be expected. The trick with a show of this nature is to see how long they can stretch out the […]