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Aaron Sorkin To Produce Movie On John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Scandal

Aaron Sorkin, one of my favorite television and movie writers, will be producing and directing The Politician, a movie on Andrew Young’s book on the downfall of John Edwards. I certainly intend to watch this, and from a box office perspective the story of the affair between Edwards and Rielle Hunter certainly makes a lot […]

Elizabeth Edwards Doesn’t Want Rielle Hunter To Become Step-Mother To Her Children

While the separation of Al and Tipper Gore is receiving all the headlines today, the failed marriage of another Democrat who was recently on a national ticket provides for far juicer stories. The New York Daily News reports that Elizabeth Edwards is trying to deny John Edwards custody of their children should she not survive […]

Edwards Denies Report Of Proposing to Rielle Hunter

CNN reports that an Edwards spokeswoman denies the earlier report that John Edwards has proposed to his mistress Rielle Hunter: Former Sen. John Edwards’ spokeswoman flatly denied a story in the National Enquirer Wednesday that claimed the 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee is engaged to his mistress, Rielle Hunter. The Enquirer reported that Edwards proposed […]

John Edwards Proposes to Rielle Hunter

It seems to be a pretty safe bet that John Edwards has given up all thought of making a political comeback after this story. The National Enquirer (which, despite its reputation, has been right from the start on this story) reports that he has asked Rielle Hunter to marry him: John Edwards has proposed to […]

NY Daily News Reports Claims That Elizabeth Edwards Bashed Rielle Hunter in Annonymous Blog Comments and Made John Sleep In Their Barn

The New York Daily News has a number of claims about the John Edwards/ Rielle Hunter affair, including a claim that Elizabeth Edwards has been bashing Rielle Hunter in blog comments, writing under a pseudonym. The article also cites other claims from the proposal for Edwards aide Andrew Young’s book, including that Elizabeth has been […]

Rielle Hunter Met Before Grand Jury Investigating John Edwards

A Grand Jury continues to meet, probably related to questions as to whether John Edwards illegally used campaign funds to pay hush money to his mistress. Today’s witness was Rielle Hunter. AP reports: The former mistress of John Edwards has arrived at a federal courthouse in Raleigh where a grand jury is meeting — an […]

John Edwards and Rielle Hunter, the Movie

We knew that  John Edwards brought Rielle Hunter into his campaign as a film maker but it turns out that she made a a film that was previously kept secret. An upcoming book  by Andrew Young, an aide to John Edwards, includes information on a sex tape made by Edwards and Rielle Hunter: Former Edwards […]

Rielle Hunter Demanding Paternity Testing

Previously Rielle Hunter did not want a paternity test, but The National Enquirer reports that she is now demanding one. Perhaps she is afraid that the under the table payments to her will dry up as Edwards’ finances are probed. John Edwards’ furious mistress is demanding he submit to a DNA test, The ENQUIRER has […]

Mistakes of the Stupid and Famous: John and Rielle

John Edwards’ stupidity in engaging in the affair with Rielle Hunter is quite obvious. Beyond all the usual considerations on how this would affect his family, for John Edwards it was also ridiculous to risk the possibility of becoming president. But who is the more stupid one–John or Rielle? New revelations from The National Enquirer […]

Edwards Admits To Affair With Rielle Hunter

As I predicted yesterday, the impact of John Edwards’ affair with Rielle Hunter on his role at the Democratic Convention has provided the mainstream media with a reason to cover the story after initially ignoring it. Additional newspapers covered the story today as Democratic leaders pressed Edwards for a response. After previously claiming that “The […]