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The Economist Interviews Richard Posner

The Economist has interviewed Richard Posner. Posner has attracted my attention (and the attention of many others) for being economically conservative out of the Chicago School but acknowledging that deregulation has gone too far and is partly responsible for the current economic crisis. Posner has also been very critical of the anti-intellectualism of the Republican […]

Richard Posner On The Decline Of The Conservative Movement

I briefly mentioned Richard Posner abandoning conservative economic dogma in a post a few days ago.  Posner is attracting more attention in the liberal blogosphere today with posts from Mathew Yglesias and Jonathan Singer. Posner, author of Capitalism in Crisis, has actually said plenty of things recently which liberal bloggers might find worthy of quoting. […]

Appeals Court Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban In Wisconsin and Indiana

On Thursday Judge Richard Posner, a Reagan appointee, wrote the decision after the The U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago  stuck down the bans against same sex marriage in Wisconsin and Indiana.There were a number of arguments in his decision which were interesting to read, and which might have an impact when this issue […]

Defining Progressive and Libertarian Views

With August generally being a slow news month Arnold Kling has set up a discussion which could keep bloggers busy for the next several days. Kling asks what progressives believe and gave a few ideas. Tyler Cowen took the bait and gave a much longer list which presents views which I doubt very many actual […]

In Their Usual Corners

I’ve expressed reservations about Michael Moore’s upcoming movie on capitalism. My bet is that Moore will have come correct points about failures of capitalism as practiced which led to the financial crisis but he will also stick to his usual political views and fail to appreciate the many benefits of capitalism. The movie will also […]

Michael Moore’s Next Movie

Variety has reported on Michael Moore’s next documentary: Michael Moore’s opting to spoof romantic conventions in titling his upcoming documentary “Capitalism: A Love Story,” which addresses the causes of the global economic meltdown. “It will be the perfect date movie,” Moore said in an announcement Wednesday. “It’s got it all — lust, passion, romance and […]

Republican Comeback?

Politico is talking about the possibility of a Republican comeback, starting out with reasons why it sounds far-fetched: For the first time since their 2006 election drubbing, top Republicans see signs — however faint — of a political resurgence over the next year. At first blush, this sounds absurd. After all, polls show the GOP more unpopular […]

Palinomics and Other Conservative Fantasies

To even consider taking Sarah Palin seriously on, well anything, is laughable. When she was first picked to be John McCain’s running mate my guess was that she was inexperienced but an up and coming conservative who was at least well versed in conservative ideas and had some basic competence in government. It turned out […]

Breaking Down Conservative Fundamentalism–On Economics

I have often discussed the problems faced by the Republican Party due to their social conservative beliefs, their hostility towards  science and reason,  their poor record on civil liberties, and their national security policies which place the country at greater danger. They are also  increasingly losing support due to their economic views. Their are two […]

Reasons For Optimism For Libertarianism

Libertarian views of Barack Obama have varied widely, largely because the wide variety of people who use this label. I noted during the election that many libertarians were backing Obama, while other libertarians echo the view of him from the far right. David Boez takes a pretty optimistic view of the direction we are heading. […]