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Obama Administration Announces Increase In Payments To Medicare Advantage Plans

Presumably in response to Republican scare stories about Medicare cuts to Medicare Advantage plans and insurance company lobbying, CMS has announced an increase in payments of  0.4% in 2015, in place of the expected 1.9% rate cut as of February. This negates a distorted Republican attack that Obama is cutting payments to Medicare. The proposed […]

Cuts To Medicare Advantage Plans Half Of Amount Expected–Watch For Hypocritical Republican Reaction

One of the ways in which the Affordable Care Act is funded is by reducing subsidies to Medicare Advantage plans which receive more money to care for Medicare beneficiaries than it costs to care for the same patients in the government Medicare program. Republicans have been using this to raise bogus claims of cuts to […]

Hidden Costs of Medicare Advantage Plans

The Medicare Advantage plans were set up by George Bush to reward the insurance companies for their contributions. The plans pay large subsidies to care for Medicare patients. As a result, it takes from 13 percent to 19 percent more to care for patients in Medicare Advantage plans than in the government Medicare program. Most […]

Medicare Advantage Plans Costing An Extra $11.4 Billion in 2009

A new study from The Commonwealth Fund shows that it continues to cost significantly more to care for Medicare beneficiaries in private Medicare Advantage plans than in the government program: The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 explicitly increased Medicare payments to private Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. As a result, MA plans have, for the past […]

GAO Report Shows Problems in Medicare Advantage Plans

A Democratic blog out of Texas, linking to one of my many previous posts on the problems with Medicare Advantage plans, also points out a new GAO report on Medicare Advantage plans (pdf format). After pointing out the financial problems with the plans costing 13 percent or 17 percent more to care for Medicare patients […]

New York Times Calls For Elimination of Subsidies to Medicare Advantage Plans

Back in 2007, while campaigning in Iowa, I noted that Barack Obama criticized the extra money paid to care for patients in Medicare Advantage Plans compared to the regular Medicare Program. Obama cited the program at other times while campaigning when asked to name wasteful government programs which he would eliminate. The government pays private […]

New York Times Calls For Ending Subsidies to Medicare Advantage Plans

In addition to the prescription drug program, George Bush’s Medicare Plan provided for extra payments to private insurance companies to cover Medicare patients. Under these Medicare Advantage plans it now costs about twelve percent more to cover Medicare patients than under the government program, even though the private companies often cherry pick the healthiest patients. […]

Conservative Finally Finds Problem in Medicare Advantage Plan

Michelle Malkin has a post critical of WellCare which she calls “a shady Medicare insurer…initially funded by far Left billionaire George Soros.” I don’t know the specifics about WellCare and she might be correct in her criticism. However, as I’ve noted in several previous posts, the problems with Medicare Advantage plans are widespread, involving multiple […]

CBS News Reports on Fraudulent Sales of Medicare Advantage Plans

Last night I noted that CBS News was beginning an investigation of Medicare Advantage plans. The first part reported on how these plans receive more money than the government’s Medicare program spends on beneficiaries, and uses they money to increase their own profits. Tonight’s report is on another problem I’ve discussed before–the fraudulent matter in […]

CBS News Exposes Medicare Advantage Plans

I’ve posted many times on the problems of the Medicare Advantage plans, as recently as this morning. CBS News is doing an investigative report on these plans. Medicare Advantage plans are private plans which treat Medicare patients, but receive more money per patient than is spent by the government’s Medicare program. Among other findings, CBS […]