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My Vote For William Kristol’s Replacement: Megan McArdle

The New York Times made the correct choice in dumping William Kristol. That’s not because he’s a conservative. I would hate to see them do the same to David Brooks, who can write excellent columns on the days when he doesn’t feel obligated to bash Democrats as opposed to dealing with ideas. William Kristol turned […]

Hillary Clinton Is Correct On Voting Rights But Cannot Get Away With Cherry Picking Her Fights Forever

Sometimes the Clintons are masterful politicians. Staking out a strong position in favor of protection of voting rights was an excellent move by Hillary Clinton for many reasons. It contrasts her with her Republican opponents on the right–as opposed to where she is weak on the issues against her Democratic opponents on the left. It […]

Four More Studies On The Benefits Of Obamacare

Over the past year I receive reports from various medical journals and medical practice publications with what feels like a constant flow of studies showing the success of the Affordable Care Act, many of which I have written about in previous posts. Jonathan Chait has an article in New York Magazine on 4 New Studies […]

Once Again, Ron Paul’s Views Would Promote Conservatism and Even Authoritarianism, Not Liberty

Ron Paul’s opposition to virtually any action by the federal government means that he is on the right side of issues where government is wrong, including infringements upon civil liberties and waging unjust wars. His extreme support for states’ rights should not be mistaken as a philosophy which would increase liberty. Paul opposes the extension […]

Who Is Responsible For The Deficit? (Hint: Conservative Republican Presidents)

As I’ve pointed out many times in the past, if you want to reduce the deficit you should vote Democratic as, despite conservative rhetoric, it is conservative Republicans and not Democrats who are responsible for the deficit. James Fallows presented further evidence of this, taking data compiled by deficit hawk Chuck Spinney. Spinney compared the […]

Getting Health Care Done Right

I might not agree with Megan McArdle’s views on health care reform, but she has a better grasp of the politics than supporters of health care reform who think that we should just ram through an unpopular bill and everything will be all right: Who are you more likely to leave:  the spouse who makes […]

Differing Views of Freedom on The Left and Right

Liberals have one thing in common with tea baggers and other people on the right. We all talk about supporting liberty. What differs is what we mean by freedom. While liberals fight to restrict infringements upon liberty by the government many on the right are unable to distinguish between legitimate functions of government and infringements […]

Beware of The Zombie Medicare Advisory Panel

The Senate health care bill has a number of good aspects and a number of good aspects. The hope is that after it goes through reconciliation with the House bill the good aspects will remain and the bad will be removed, but this outcome is not guaranteed. Another possible bad aspect of the Senate bill […]

Obama and Unemployment

Republicans would love to blame Obama for the unemployment rate but this would also contradict their belief that the government cannot do much to affect the economy. Libertarian Megan McArdle is honest about this in defending Obama against an op-ed by Charles Blow which does blame him: The president has very little control over employment […]

A Libertarian Argument For The Bailouts

As with all political labels, libertarianism includes a wide variety of views. While many libertarians automatically believe any government action is bad (and often cherry pick the facts to defend their view), some are more open to reality and do see exceptions where government action is necessary. Megan McArdle provides an example. She gives a […]